Is God real?

Discover the proof that God exists and experience His amazing love for you.

God is real and He is the most beautiful reality you can ever discover. He is full of burning love for you and wants to fill you with His wonderful goodness. If you long to experience God in a very real way, then sign up to GOD IS REAL. You will receive the most beautiful emails you have ever seen (really!), with incredible words straight from the heart of God. These words go straight to your heart and help you experience the life changing love of God in a very deep way. Sign up now. It’s free. 

Who is God?

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to us to reveal who God truly is. People have all kinds of opinions about God, but we need to be sure we know the truth, not an opinion. Jesus Christ said that He is the perfect representation of God, whom He called ‘our heavenly Father’. Jesus Christ said that no man can truly get close to God without Him. Discover who Jesus Christ is, find out what Jesus said about Himself and encounter His love today.

Christian posters

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