God is real and He loves you!

God is the most powerful reality there is. And He is full of compassion for you. He knows all about you and loves you more than you could ever imagine. He wants to fill you with His wonderful love, and give you the desires of your heart. Sign up to GOD IS REAL and begin to experience the love of God in a way you never dreamed possible.

Is God real?

How can you know for sure if God is real? By experiencing Him in your life! For many years I was convinced that God does not exist. I was sure God was just an imagination for ignorant people. Now I experience Him in ways that keep amazing me, again and again. He does mind blowing miracles in my life and is revealing Himself in ways I never thought possible. You can read about this incredible transformation, in my personal story called Is God real? Find out how I discovered that God is real, and learn how you can experience Him as well.

Jesus Christ shows us who God is

Jesus Christ is God who became man, to save us from the selfishness that dominates in our hearts. He showed us the love of God and helps us walk in God’s love for us. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with religion and in fact sets us free from manmade religion. He gives us life in abundance and helps us find the love and joy we all long for. Discover who Jesus Christ is and experience His lifesaving power today.

Christian posters

Since I discovered how real God is and how extremely beautiful He is, I felt a desire to use my creative gift to show others something of the glory of God. So I designed a new collection of christian posters, to express something of the wonderful glory of God and help others see that God is the most fascinating Person we can ever encounter. He is so much more than we all think. His love, His power, His joy, His creativity, the abundant life that flows from Him… It’s all so extremely wonderful. I hope my christian posters will inspire you to know Him better.

christian religious bible jesus posters

Christian posters are also called Jesus postersBible posters and religious posters. Jesus posters reveal something of Jesus Christ, Bible posters contain inspirational bible verses.