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what is prophecy

What is prophecy?

The gift of prophecy allows christians to become a vessel of the voice of God, to encourage others.

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enjoy life

Enjoy LIFE!

The Father longs to give you peace and quiet, so you can enjoy life again.

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daily devotional fathers love

The Father loves you!

In this daily devotional the heavenly Father calls you to come to Him and receive His love.

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wrath of god

The wrath of God

Has the wrath of God ceased after 70 AD? No. God still judges wickedness, as long as it is necessary.

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who is jesus god

God is like Jesus

If we want to know God, we must look at Jesus.

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who is donald trump

Who is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump… really? Is he the mean monster the media says he is?

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god is faithful father

God is faithful

God is faithful when we fail. He is a true father and best friend.

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christian posters

Christian Posters For You!

Did you know God can change your life through christian posters? Have a look at these posters…

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Thousands commit suicide every day…

Did you know that EVERY SINGLE DAY there are thousands of people worldwide, who try to commit suicide? The need in the world is incredible… God sees this intense need and He calls people like me

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army lord

The most powerful army in the world

There is an army marching… It’s not the army of the ISIS, or the AntiChrist, it’s not the army of the satanists or the Illuminati, it’s not the army of the liberals or the atheists…

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