Voice of God recordings that reveal the passionate heart of God for you.

In these voice of God recordings you can hear God speak through the mouth of prophet David Sorensen. You see and you hear a man, but the words are directly inspired by the Spirit of God. David Sorensen used to stammer really bad most of his life. He could hardly speak! Sometimes he wanted to buy a product in a shop and came home with the wrong thing, because he wasn’t able to say the right word. Then something happened that changed everything…

voice of god recordings - smallDavid gave his life tot Jesus Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. After he had received the Holy Spirit, he started hearing the voice of God very clearly, to give people encouraging messages. The pastor of his church said one day ‘David, I see you as a true prophet in our church.’ During his normal life David stammered, but when he prophecied he always spoke very fluently. Now his speech is miraculously healed through the power of the Holy Spirit and his audio teachings and prophetic messages are a blessing for tens of thousands of people worldwide. David has written several books that contain only prophetic words.

In these video’s you hear the sound of Davids voice, but the words are given by the Spirit of God.

David did not prepare one single word of these messages. He surrenders to the Holy Spirit and then lets the words come out, like a spontaneous river of God’s love. Learn more about the voice of God

Voice of God recording:

In this voice of God recording you hear God speak about his deep love for you.

Voice of God recording:
Going to new heights with God

It’s a new day, says the Lord. Stop looking behind, stop looking at your situations, because I have a new day for you. I am rising up as the dawn, says Jesus Christ. There’s hope on the horizon. Forget the darkness that lays behind you, forget the things of the past. I am the bright Morningstar, I am the sun, says the Lord, I am the One who is reigning, who is coming forth in this world with His majesty.

I am not going to back down, says the Lord, no, I am going forward. I am like the sun that is rising and I will keep rising.

I am going to bring a revelation of who I am in this world, as never before. I am going to our out My Spirit in a way you have not seen before. I am the Lord of lords and the King of kings.

Voice of God recording:
It’s a new day for you

My child, I am going to bring a restoration in your spirit, I am going to bring a healing of the deep things inside your heart, says God. You have been going through certain things that you did not understand, you did not know what I was doing and what was happening.

But I have been preparing you, I have been working deep inside your spirit, I have been working on your foundations.

You thought ‘God, are you still here? Do You still love me?’ But I have been doing things that are too deep for human understanding. It’s a work of My Spirit in the depths of who you are.

Voice of God recording:
Encouragement for wounded warriors

Very encouraging prophetic word for Christians who have fallen down, who struggle, who are going through a hard time.

Hear the voice of the Father who is FOR you, not against you and who is waging war on your behalf.

The Father is saying: ‘My child, I am so with you. And if you say “My God where are you?” then I say to you now: “Don’t look around, don’t look at your situations, don’t look at yourself, don’t look at the people around you, but JUST SURRENDER TO ME”, says the Father. ‘Because I understand, I understand you’, says God, ‘and I AM YOUR FATHER.’

Voice of God recording:
God has a dream for you

God has a dream for you: to release you from all ungodly control, in your life, mind and church. He desires to release you to soar like an eagle, to the unknown heights of His glory. He has a plan for your life that goes far beyond anything you ever thought possible.

If you surrender radically to HIM, He will amaze you.

There is a plan for your life my child, says God. You have no idea of My plan for your life. You think you know it, but I have a much higher for your life. I want to bring you beyond for limitations. I want to bring you beyond what you have thought possible in My glory and in My presence, says the Father.