God is real and he is amazing! When I encountered God, He literally overwhelmed me with His mind-blowing love and power, changing me forever. My friends said 'David you have changed from a devil into an angel'. I discovered that God is not a religion but the most beautiful reality there is. He loves us more […]

God is real and he is amazing!

David  - god is real

When I encountered God, He literally overwhelmed me with His mind-blowing love and power, changing me forever. My friends said 'David you have changed from a devil into an angel'. I discovered that God is not a religion but the most beautiful reality there is. He loves us more than we could ever imagine and He has an amazing plan with our life. I encourage you to discover Him today. You'll be shocked to see how much goodness, love and beauty there is in Him. Sign up for my unique emails that will help you encounter God in a way that you literally never thought possible. - David Sorensen

His love for you is dazzling
His goodness is overwhelming
His plan with you is mind-blowing
His presence is all around you
He is here for you!

What do people say
about the emails of GOD IS REAL?

African - God is real


Reader of GOD IS REAL

"Your messages have been talking to the depths of my heart! They really are from God. They always touch me and tears would just come drilling down my face. I really weep!"

Muslim - God is real


Reader of GOD IS REAL

"I start feeling the presence of God as a friend and father and I start feeling his love. Your words are very precious and I appreciate every email u send. Keep Going!!!"

English Lady


Reader of GOD IS REAL

"I feel the arms of my heavenly Father around me as I read the emails, often moved to tears. God Is Real continues to bless and encourage me."

God knows you better than anyone else
He sees your hidden beauty and treasures
He knows the troubles in your life
He has an amazing plan of restoration for you
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in a way you never dreamed possible

Find out how real God is!

People can have a million opinions about God, but that doesn't mean they are true. Here you find powerful evidence for the existence of God. Facts we can honestly acknowledge and as a result encounter the most beautiful reality there is... or we can close our eyes for these amazing realities and live in ignorance. The choice is all ours! I hope you are open to discover how real God is and how passionately he loves you. He will amaze you... if you let him!

proof god exists

Proof that God exists

Discover amazing realities that are irrefutable evidence that God exists. These fascinating facts will show you that God is indeed the most powerful reality there is!

god wetenschap

Scientific evidence for God

Is there scientific proof of God or does science prove God does not exist? These facts reveal how true, honest science points to the existence of God. 

who is god

Who is God?

Is God some abstract power in the universe? Or is God a loving person who created you with a purpose in life? Find out who God is and how you can know him as your friend.

Would you like to know how I experience God?

Are you curious to see what kind of incredible miracles God has been doing in my life, and how you can experience these miracles too? Then read this!

Experience God's love for you!

Knowing that God is real is not enough... we have to encounter God personally and start experiencing his love for us. These posts will help you discover how precious you are to God and how much he loves you. Experiencing the love of God is the most important thing in our life. It's what we were born for: to know God's love for us and walk in it, so we can share God's love with the people around us. God is love and his love transforms us more than anything else. 

the love of god

Experience God's love

God is love and God created you. So you were created by love!


You are precious to God

You are precious to God and he has a wonderful plan with your life. 

love letter from god

A love-letter from God

This love letter from God feels like a warm embrace from God.

God is the most beautiful and most powerful reality there is!

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Discover Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Probably the most incredible miracle God has ever done, is this: after creating mankind and seeing how his beloved creation fell away from him in evil and darkness, he decided to step into our humanity himself. God became a human being like you and me, in the person of Jesus Christ. That way God could solve our mess from the inside out and bring mankind back to himself, one person at a time. Learn more about Jesus Christ and find out how Jesus can restore your life to God's original purpose.

is Jesus real

Is Jesus real?

These breathtaking video's show you how real Jesus Christ is. People all over the world have real life encounters with him. Even Muslims find him by the thousands...

jesus savior

Jesus, savior of the world

Jesus Christ longs to bring you home, in God's arms of love. He can forgive all your sins and make you a brand new person; a beloved child of God. 

is jesus god

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God? Or is he just a good man? Read what Jesus said about himself, what the apostles declared and... what the heavenly Father says about his son.

Lion of Judah, Lamb of God

God always surprises us! Sometimes we encounter God as a terrible force that destroys evil. The Bible calls him the 'Lion of Judah', who destroys wickedness and released the captives. But on the other hand he comes to us in a form we hardly recognize: like a vulnerable lamb. Jesus Christ is called 'the Lamb of God that is slain for the sins of the world'. God is not only the powerful hero who roars against evil, he is also the little lamb that dies for us, to set us free from sin. 

This wall art is designed to remind you of the different aspects of God. Sometimes he is very powerful and intimidating like a roaring lion. But he is also the lamb that died for us, to set us free from our sins. All he asks from us is to accept his love and forgiveness.

If you like this wall art, you can purchase it here, or look at my other beautiful Christian wall decor, to encourage you and strengthen your faith.

God shocks us by becoming a lamb that dies for us.  

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daily devotional

Daily devotionals help you
encounter God.

Knowing that God is real, is one thing... but how can you experience God for real? Our daily devotionals help you get in touch with God in a life changing way. You hear God speak to you directly, touching the depths of your heart with His heart of love and encouragement. Sign up for our life changing daily devotionals.

Have you seen these images of God?

Of course we can't see God with our physical eyes. But we can see God's heart and character in what he does. In these inspiring posts you will find beautiful pictures of Jesus, based on the events described in scripture. These images of Jesus will help you get a better understanding of who Jesus is and what his message is to us. You can also enjoy beautiful images of God that show you the loving heart of God as a father and friend. And you can buy encouraging Christian wall decor by David Sorensen, to help you experience more of God in your every day life, at home, in the office or at school. 

Jesus pictures and photos

Pictures of Jesus

Beautiful pictures of Jesus Christ help you know his heart and his plan for your life.

god images

Beautiful God images

These wonderful God images reveal who God really is and how amazing his love is for you. 

christian wall art

Christian wall art

Inspiring Christian wall art helps you experience the power, goodness and blessings of God in a visual way. 

Miracles happen today!

See for yourself what amazing miracles God is doing today! 
Click the flame...

Encounter God's supernatural reality

Has God changed, since the Bible was written? Did he love to do miracles thousands of years ago, and did he suddenly stop showing his great power and love to the people? No, not at all. God is just as alive and kicking today as he ever was! The following posts show you some of the most mind-blowing and encouraging realities in todays world. Millions of people all over the world and throughout history have encountered angels - God's messengers - who helped them in difficult situations. Just like Jesus Christ commanded his followers, Christians worldwide are praying for the sick and they see God do amazing healing miracles. Even the dead are raised... Check out these powerful testimonies and share them with friends!

do angels exist

Do angels exist?

Watch testimonies of people whose lives were saved by angels.


Modern Day Miracles

Modern day miracles happen all over the world, through the power of Jesus Christ.

raising dead

Raised from the dead

Amazing real life testimonies from people who have been raised from the dead.

God is just as alive and kicking today as he ever was!

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Enjoy the beauty of God's creation

nature canvas prints David Sorensen

Bring Paradise into your home, with the spectacular living room wall art 
by nature photographer David Sorensen.

God created us to enjoy the amazing beauty of nature. That's why He placed man in Paradise! However most of us spend our life mainly inside boring buildings. This unique collection of living room wall art helps you enjoy the majesty of nature, every day of your life, in your home and office. Choose from Landscapes Canvas Prints, Flowers Canvas Prints, Wildlife Canvas Prints, Birds Canvas Prints, Nature Canvas Prints, Butterflies Canvas Prints and Colorado Wall art.

These nature canvas prints support GOD IS REAL. By purchasing a nature canvas print you not only bring the beauty of Paradise in your home, but you also help spread God's love to the world in need. Thank you! 

Share GOD IS REAL with the world!

Without God people suffer from sin, hopelessness and guilt. Share the reality of God's love with the world, on social media. Help people find the meaning of life and the Father who cares for them with an everlasting love. 

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