Our experience with Alph Lukau

Miraculously we have succeeded in visiting the ministry of Alph Lukau in South Africa. This is a personal report of our first trip.

Alph lukau

When I first discovered Alph Lukau on YouTube, I didn’t know what I was seeing. The powerful deliverance of people who are extremely oppressed by evil spirits is truly astonishing. The depth of revelation this man receives from God, who literally reveals to him the smallest details about people’s lives, is staggering. I didn’t know that such a thing was possible with God. Even in the Bible we don’t see such dramatic miracles, where so many details about peoples lives are revealed, to help set them free. It is truly as the Lord Jesus Christ said: ‘If you believe in Me, you will do even greater miracles than I did.’ Seeing what God is doing in our time, through a man like Alph Lukau, is very encouraging to me. It shows that through the ages God is revealing more and more of His majesty on earth. This is very promising for the future!

Why Alph Lukau?

As always, God is once again choosing someone who would not be chosen by most of us. A very wealthy businessman who has authority in the government of his country. A man who has literally earned billions of dollars, because God tells him where to invest. To the surprise of many, this successful investor is chosen by God to be a prophet like most of us have never seen before. Is that possible? Shouldn’t a man of God always be poor and miserable?

Well… Abraham was the richest man in the very wide area. His sons Isaac and Jacob were known not just to be rich, but to be very rich. Alph Lukau is therefore in good company.

Because of his tremendous wealth, many jealous Christians discredit this man right away. As if God is a street beggar. But this is how I know God: He always chooses someone that nobody expects, to show His great power. The wealth of this man of God, however, is not something reserved for himself. If you watch the many prophetic videos of Alph Lukau, you see that God is using him to set many others free from poverty and he prophetically releases them to walk in God’s abundant blessings. Many people in his church used to be very poor but through the power of God, they were transformed and now their businesses flourish. Alph Lukau encourages Christians to become influential in our societies, help the poor, drive out darkness and bring a whole new level of well being both in the Church as in the world.


alph lukau succesful businessman

The time when the church must always be poor, miserable, weak and defeated is over. With Alph Lukau, God opens a new time for the body of Christ, a time when the Spirit of God exposes the enemies in our midst so that God’s children can walk in victory and breakthrough.

That goes against our pious thinking, which is often based on loss, suffering and struggling. Victory, the power of God, prosperity and gaining influence in governments is not in our dictionary for many of us. That is also a reason that many Christians prance when they see someone like Alph Luka, who shouts with great boldness: “Satan, your reign of terror is over! We are victors in Jesus Christ and we will break through in God’s will for our lives.”

Alph Lukau exposes sin and wickedness

What particularly encourages me, is the fact that this prophet not only tells people how wonderful they are… God also reveals their sins and delivers them from demonic traps. Adultery, sex addiction, business deception, betrayal, murder, theft, satanism and witchcraft… it is all unmasked and people are given the opportunity to repent from their evil ways and to commit themselves to Jesus Christ.

The reason I am so happy about this, is because during the 25 years that I have been a Christian, I have seen horrible darkness with many people who call themselves Christians. The damage it inflicts on God’s dear children is heart wrenching. And the worst thing is that it can invade most churches unrestrictedly and wreak havoc. When I entered the charismatic circles, where the gift of prophecy is at work, it stunned me that it was said that a prophet should never expose sin and only speak positively. The result is that all those malevolent people – sometimes real devils in human form – can move freely in the churches, wreaking havoc everywhere, without ever being exposed. Countless Christian leaders are being curbed by them, they cause adultery and divorce, they split churches, they destroy friendships, stop the working of the Spirit and replace it with demonic manifestations that mimic the Spirit of God, they prophesy falsely and so on.


alph lukau exposes wickedness


I have hardly seen a prophet who exposes this kind of demonic infiltration in the church. On the contrary, I notice that most prophets always say amazingly beautiful words about these wicked people. They simply flatter them instead of exposing their deep wickedness. It’s horrible. All because the charismatic world claims that a prophet can only be sugar sweet and hyper nice.

Of course I do understand the concept of calling forth the hidden gold in people. But in the decades of moving in the global Christian community, I have seen so much devastation and destruction, caused by very wicked, unrepentant people, although they often appear as the most spiritual and loving Christians. Calling forth the gold in these people is not enough. They must be exposed and dealt with, lest the Church is crippled and even destroyed from within.

Now that I see God rising up a prophet who openly exposes people with great boldness and divine authority, I leap for joy. This is truly reigning with Christ. This is putting a stop to evil. This is standing in the power of God and kicking out the darkness, so that God’s children can live safely. This is what a true apostle and prophet should do. Stop the ravages of darkness and create a safe zone where people are liberated and can flourish abundantly.

Lies about Alph Lukau

As with any true servant of God who moves in the great power of God, there is also a lot of slander about this man on the internet. Entire smear campaigns have been set up about Alph Lukau, to keep people away from him. Anyone who has even a tiny bit of discernment, however, sees it. If you watch the videos of Alph Lukau with a sincere heart, the wonderful compassion of the Lord to save precious lives is undeniable. What’s more: it’s overwhelming! Every honest person immediately sees: here is a servant of God at work, who demands respect for his deep commitment to God and the way in which the heavenly Father uses him. This is a gift from Jesus Christ to His Body, a blessing for all who want to receive it.

God is doing something new. A new dimension of God’s power is revealed to the church, and it is up to each of us whether we – as the religious haters always do – will fight against God’s Spirit, or whether we are grateful to God and receive His blessing.


David sorensen alph lukau worship

Our trip to Alph Lukau

But now a word about our first experience with Alleluia Ministries, in Johannesburg. When we went there, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea of ​​being lost in an ocean of ​​thousands of people didn’t really appeal to me. Why would God pick us out for a prophetic intervention in our lives? There are so many others whose need may be greater! Yet God spoke to us to go, so we went in faith. At the very last minute the money for the trip came in and moreover our four children could stay with a befriended family. Really a series of miracles in succession that opened a door.

Thank you to everyone who was led by the Spirit of God to participate in this. You have no idea what the impact of your generosity will be on people around the world that we reach.

At the airport, God immediately used us to encourage a young man. God first spoke to Renate that He wanted to say something to this man and an hour later I sensed the Spirit of God encouraging me to be bold and step out. I stopped by the man, looked straight at him and said, “God has a plan for your life. He knows you, He understands you and He is very close to you!” His eyes lit up like the sun and with his right hand he struck his chest: “Man, I feel what you say! Wow… Thank you!” Half an hour later we received an email from him. He had immediately visited my website and was touched by what he read. It’s so beautiful how God encouraged this young man at the airport, through complete strangers who obeyed the voice of Jesus in their heart.

On the plane I sat next to a man who said he was terrified of flying. Together with his wife and various doctors, he had been preparing for this trip for an entire year. But the pills he had received did not seem to help: he was full of fear. I asked if I could pray for him and he really liked that. I boldly rebuked a spirit of fear and asked the Father to reveal to this man how he is embraced by the Father. A few hours later his wife spoke to me: ‘Your prayer has really done a miracle, because my husband is doing incredibly well. God really placed you here to help us.’ Wow … The man admitted that he actually enjoyed the flight! They wanted to learn more about God and I promised to sign them up for my emails.

That was certainly a wonderful start to the journey. If you can share God’s love and goodness to people, it is always a party!

The journey lasted more than thirty hours in total and we were really exhausted when we finally arrived in South Africa. A young African woman stood behind me in the security line. I looked at her and felt in my heart that she had to go to Alph Lukau. I wondered if I should tell her, but I felt like I had to wait. When we started talking a little later, to my surprise, she said she was on her way to Alph Lukau! Haha! God is so funny! We had a nice contact with this British African lady and were able to encourage her during the weekend.


visit alph lukau friends


One morning I arrived in the church, hours later than Renate, who was already with our British friend. I sensed that God wanted us to pray for her. When I suggested that, she burst out laughing. Grinning, she explained that she and Renate had already spoken about it, that she wanted prayer. What a confirmation. God gave us a flood of words from His heart for this young lady, and she was touched very deeply. ‘Everything you say is absolutely right!’ she said with a smile. ‘So you are also prophets, what are you doing here?’ she asked in wonder. We explained that because God is already using you, it doesn’t mean that you cannot receive much more. ‘If you are humble to receive from the Body of Christ, you can always go much further with Him. Only when you think you have everything yourself, you remain in the same place. We always want to go where Jesus sends us, so that He can reveal much more of Himself.’

Alph Lukau was not there!

But let’s jump back, to the moment we arrived at the airport. After the long and tiring journey of thirty hours, we had to cope with the African art of ‘organization’: waiting endlessly for the bus from the church, which just didn’t show up, and then sitting for hours in a row of people who had to register. Because Renate suffered from the inflammation in her head, I was fortunately able to be given priority in the exhausting queue and we finally managed to arrive at our hotel.

That same evening there was a meeting in the church and we went full of expectation. We were somewhere in the back, because we couldn’t afford an expensive front seat, but that didn’t bother me. I focused on God with all my heart and He suddenly spoke very clearly to me: ‘David, you didn’t come here for a man. You have come for Me. What I do in that man is also present in this place. So receive with all your heart what I am doing here through My Spirit.’ I obeyed the Lord and half an hour before the meeting began, I already had a very intense experience with God.

A moment later one of the ‘bishops’ (local leaders) came forward and made a very unexpected announcement: pastor Alph Lukau is not present this time. God has called him away to rest and pray. But don’t worry, the bishop said, what God is doing in pastor Alph Lukau is also present in this place. So just receive from the anointing of God, that is present here.’

That was exactly what God had told me half an hour ago! I was thankful that God had prepared me beforehand, so I was not too disappointed. Many others looked around in disappointment. They had come from thousands of miles to receive deliverance and healing from this special man of God. It was a big blow for them!

On Saturday there was a whole day especially for the international visitors and the bishops did their best not to be inferior to their spiritual father. They prophesied like thunder and many visitors were powerfully touched. It was wonderful to see that these spiritual sons of Alph Lukau, like himself, received detailed information about people, to free them from attacks from darkness. The fact that the great ‘man of God’ was not there, opened the door for them to move in this prophetic anointing as well.


bishops pastors alleluia ministries

This is something I also like about Alph Lukau: he is not building a kingdom around himself, but he is raising up spiritual sons and daughters to walk in the same power of God, that he carries. He is a ‘king that raises up kings’.

Before the afternoon meeting, a hundred people knelt in front of the stage, praying for their loved ones. Most had brought all kinds of photos of their dearest, which they put on the altar, while they poured out their hearts for the Lord. This is really a church where God brings solutions and breakthroughs. Not only are people talking and singing about the God who brings redemption, there is also the power of God to change lives. That is why all these people came from near and far, with pictures of their loved ones, to make intense intercession.

Renate overwhelmed by the glory of God

Renate also sat at the front, but not to pray for her needs. She worshiped God with all her heart and remained kneeling, long after everyone had long gone back to their place. The meeting had already begun and Renate was still in the front, worshiping God. I had no idea what went through her, but later she told me that she was overwhelmed by the glory of God. She literally saw his majesty and could not do anything else for two hours but alternately laugh and cry, because of the greatness of God she saw.


alph lukau worship Renate Sorensen glory god


When the preacher came forward, Renate was lovingly helped on her legs by two ushers and they invited her to sit at the front. So Renate came to get me quickly and, although we didn’t pay for it, we got the very best seats in the front. Later that weekend it happened again and again. For example the last meeting I arrived much too late. I expected to have a very bad place. People who wanted to sit at the front had woken up around three o’clock in the morning. I only arrived at eleven. Fortunately, Renate had reserved a spot for me somewhere at the back. But what happened? A usher came to fetch us and gave us the very best place, all the way at the front! I was literally standing behind the empty seat of pastor Alph Lukau, so I had a clear view of everything that happened at the front. What a blessing.

When Renate came to get me the first time, after she had been kneeling for hours before the Lord, I saw that she staggered on her legs. She felt the heavy glory of God on her. Her face gleamed with a heavenly glow. I knew: ‘She has experienced something huge with God!’

The various preachers were characterized by a style that is typically African and may seem a little awkward to Westerners. They rushed back and forth across the stage like steamrollers, praying so loudly in tongues that the roof almost collapsed. The thousands of African attendees participated fiercely and the result was an explosion of supernatural prayer from the hearts of thousands of prayer warriors. The spiritual power that was released as a result was immense. You really felt that the heavens were being shaken by the bold and loud prayer of these believers. Westerners also pray in spirit, but always restrained and only for a short time. These Africans know what praying is! They thundered in prayer for half an hour and you just felt it had a great effect on those present and the heavenly places. I can imagine that this brought about powerful deliverance in the lives of many. We Western Christians can learn a lot from that …

After a meeting in which a bishop led the thousands of attendees in extended praying in the spirit, the auditorium was filled with such a glory of God, that we even felt it after the service. While hundreds of people were standing outside, waiting for the bus, it was as if an invisible river of glory covered all of us. The strong and wonderful presence of the Lord was hovering over all of us, who were outside.

Touched by God’s power

My greatest desire was to receive from the Lord the spiritual gift that Alph Lukau also has, to be able to hear and see much better in the spiritual world. The way this man hears God’s voice when he prays for people and the life-saving impact that has, is fantastic. It is actually the missing link in most churches. We can pray for people, but if our eyes and ears are closed spiritually, it will not make much of a difference. Yes, we see miracles happening and there are testimonies of deliverance and healing. We are very grateful to Jesus for everything He does. But at the same time we know there is soooo much more!!


alph lukau spiritual discernment

What God does in Alph Lukau is a whole new dimension of the prophetic where the spiritual senses of the children of God are much more opened to see what God reveals in the spiritual world. The enemy can no longer hide so cunningly, but is openly exposed. The attacks and traps are unmasked, the causes of illness, adversity and misery are revealed and the result is tremendous deliverance and restoration.

My prayer was that God would also give me this gift to a greater extent during my visit to AMI. My motivation is not to get something for myself, but to become even better at setting God’s children free. There is so much need in the church, and what I see God doing with this prophet is something we have always waited for – without knowing it. When there was an opportunity for leaders to receive prayer for this gift, I rushed forward enthusiastically. What happened next is difficult to describe. One of the pastors approached me and before he could touch me it was as if I was struck by lightning. I flew meters far back, my whole body shaking as if I was connected to a ten thousand-volt electrical network. They thought that I had not gotten enough and I was pulled up by some leaders, after which I again flew meters far back. The power of God hit me like a bolt of lightning again.

Later I of course wondered: have I now also received this wonderful gift to hear God’s voice even better?

I had heard God’s audible voice several times in my life, and have been in prophetic ministry for many years, with God speaking through me. But would that now be lifted to a higher level? The answer came totally unexpected during the return trip. I was on the plane with a ten-hour flight ahead. How do you spend such a long time? I decided to take a look at the famous movie ‘Spiderman’. Actually I don’t really like these films because there is so much violence and darkness in them. God has often spoken to us not to watch movies like that and to keep our minds pure.

One day Renate and I were watching TV and we saw a scene in which a man was shot. At that moment our 2,5 year old son came down with a strange look in his eyes. We asked him what was going on and to our surprise he said dreamily, staring into the distance: ‘I hear Jesus!’ ‘What does Jesus say?’ we asked curiously. His answer was engraved in our hearts like fire: ‘Jesus says we must get rid of all shooters.’ God used our little boy to speak to us about watching movies with violence.

We immediately switched off the TV and decided never to watch any movie again, in which guns are used. ‘Jesus says we must get rid of all shooters.’

Now that I live in America, however, I am confronted with a culture among Christians who enjoy violence as entertainment, and where some preachers even openly declare how much we can learn from the violent movies with the superheroes. ‘Well, maybe it is not so bad after all’, I thought, while I turned on the Spiderman film on the plane. A teenager who doesn’t know how to properly handle the powers he gets from a high-tech super suit. Well, it’s quite comical. But then the ‘bad guys’ came on the scene and the innocent entertainment made way for manifestations of demonic violence. Suddenly I heard a very clear voice in my left ear. It sounded so clear as if someone was sitting next to me.

‘Do you think this is what I want?’

Wow! God literally spoke with a clearly audible voice in my ear to correct me.

‘Do you think this is what I want?’

I didn’t need any argument, I immediately turned off the television screen and decided to stay in the peace of God for the rest of the flight.

I had never experienced anything like this before. Yes, God often speaks to me, but the fact that I heard His voice so loud as if someone was standing next to me, was new to me. So it seems that God, with his lightning strikes during prayer, has indeed done something special in my spirit. I’m curious how God will speak to me even more.

Is Renate healed now?

The main reason we traveled to Alleluia Ministries, however, was of a completely different nature. As you may know, my wife Renate has been very ill for many years and God recently revealed the cause: an evil spirit could attack us because we had a close relationship with a young man who has an evil heart. This man posed as a friend, but in fact turned out to have double intentions. He was literally wearing a mask. When he fell through, he started to attack us in the most horrible ways. God exposed the demonic attack that had come through this man on Renate.

Just as a person can be a channel of God’s blessing and love, a person can also be an instrument of demons, if the heart is impure. We have to guard our heart, lest we become vessels of demons.

When we specifically prayed for this, Renate began to recover. She could eat everything again, the painful joint pains diminished, she could walk again, and so on. But to our surprise, there remained a persistent and very painful inflammation in her sinuses.

God then brought Alph Lukau to our attention and Renate felt a deep desire to go there for a final breakthrough in her healing. After being paralyzed for so many years, her longing is to finally live fully again, without being constantly chained by the pains in her head. However, buying a ticket to go to South Africa seemed out of the question. Too expensive, too long, too tiring, too uncertain.

Then we came to a conference in our church in Denver where a prophet prayed for Renate. After saying many words about our family, which were all very accurate, he suddenly said: ‘Buy the ticket! Don’t doubt it, grab a hold of it. Buy the ticket for the conference. There will be breakthrough in the midst of that. ‘ That could only be about the flight ticket to Alph Lukau, we knew. A few months later it indeed happened.



So now that we have been there, the question is: is Renate actually healed now? The answer is unfortunately ‘no’. She still has a lot of pain in her head. How is that possible? Hadn’t God sent you there? Have we heard it wrong? No, it was obvious that God wanted us there. But in the meantime, more has happened … When we got home, Renate had a dream: we drove our car into a swimming pool of Alph Lukau! What a dream. What does it mean? It’s simple. A car is a symbol of your ministry in the spiritual world. It is the vehicle with which you can move forward. God has often given us dreams about cars, bikes and airplanes and they always meant our ministry. What is a swimming pool then? A pool of water. Often a swimming pool, river or pond means the Spirit of God. It is a measure of God’s living water. Water means both the Spirit and the Word of God.

So God showed us in this dream: your ministry will be immersed in the Spirit and the Word of God at Alleluia Ministries. That means that we will go back! God has not yet spoken His last word … Alph Lukau was not there this time and God had prepared me for this, just before the first meeting began. But Renate did have the desire to receive prayer from him. God uses him powerfully for breaking witchcraft that causes illness. So through this dream God told us: you are going to dive head on into the water of my Spirit that I have poured out in the ministry of Alph Lukau.

A few days later, Renate got a second dream: She saw one of the pastors from AMI, who pointed to her and said, ‘New tickets are being paid for!’ Well, that is encouraging!

That same week we were at a birthday party of a man from our church in Denver. He had once prayed for Renate and me during an evening of healing and prophecy and has a heart for us ever since. He came to us and said: ‘I believe that God will give you a connection with Alph Lukau, just as God has given me a relationship with Leif Hetland.’ In a few weeks he would go on a mission trip to Cuba with Leif Hetland, a blessed apostle of Jesus Christ from Sweden. So suddenly there were various indications that this would not our last trip to South Africa.

I am very curious how it will proceed. Just as we needed a miracle for our first trip, we now need another miracle for a second trip. We believe – and clearly experience – that God is doing something here. He absolutely wants to completely heal Renate and sends us to a ministry that is unique in the world.

Can’t God do this anywhere else? Sure He can! I used to pray for Renate several times when she was sick, and God healed her. Even in our own conferences, God always does many miracles of healing and deliverance. But God’s ways are still higher than ours and He has a purpose to connect us with Alleluia Ministries. Not to bring us under a different ministry, but to connect us with a special man of God, established by God to bring the church to a higher level of authority and hearing of God’s voice.

A greater authority and power

We all know how much evil is spreading all over the earth. That does not change the fact that the kingdom of God is an eternally expanding and never diminishing kingdom. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day God’s kingdom expands. It never declines. If it seems to be declining in one area, it will break through powerfully elsewhere on Earth. But in the western world there has been a noticeable increase of darkness in recent decades. God wants to rise up His church in His great power and authority to stop this evil. Waiting for a rapture, as an easy escape, is not God’s answer. He brought us to the earth to establish His rule. Playing church and looking forward to an escape route is what darkness wants us to do. God wants to raise us up as His army, to stand in His power and to bring His light back into society.


president south africa alph lukau


That is what happens with Alph Lukau. How God uses him is so authoritative and powerful that the president of South Africa comes to his meetings to hear the word of God. This is a new time for the church worldwide, a time of rising from the defeat and the doomsday-mentality and shining the light of King Jesus in a new way.

His kingdom, however, is not a matter of words, but of power. That power comes from the Spirit. It is the supernatural clothing with the authority and wonderful power of King Jesus to set people free. We believe that God wants to give us more than healing Renate with this prophet in Africa. Centuries ago our forefathers went to Africa to bring the light of Jesus Christ. Now the West has been overrun by the enemy because of our religious laziness and false teachings that make us wait for an escape instead of marching forward as a royal army that conquers and restores the earth. Now God uses Africa to set the West on fire again. That’s how I see it.

If you want to help us go to South Africa a second time, then make your donation using this link. I have experienced a clear increase in hearing God’s voice. Renate has spent hours alone in front of the church, overwhelmed by the glory of God. She literally saw His eternal majesty and experienced how God laughs with His enemies. That is a revelation that changes her life.

But God wants us to go back. He wants to do more than just a one-time flash visit. He wants to teach us a lot, which will be of great importance for our ministry worldwide in the coming years. He does not want us to fall prey again to witchcraft of Christians wearing a mask. He wants to equip us, train us, open our eyes and ears and strengthen us to perform our task.

We believe that He will release His power through us to many others. What He places in us will be distributed wherever we go.

Thank you for your understanding, your love and your support. Some people always live in their carnal mind and seem to never have the ability to respond in the Spirit of God, who is love. Fortunately, there are also people who do surrender themselves to Jesus Christ and who learn to deal with things from His love. This is what the world needs: people who don’t just talk about God, but who live in Him and learn to respond from Him, which means that we are always in love.

Thank you for everyone who supports us wholeheartedly. It has been a very difficult road for Renate and nobody will ever be able to understand how deep she has gone with God, during the years of sickness. It is with a reason that He overwhelmed her for hours with His glory.

God has given many promises to Renate and we trust God to fulfill all His words. His eternal faithfulness will always be obvious. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is faithful and full of love forever. We will see how He raises up Renate 100% and she will be stronger than ever as a new person. By going so deep with God, she will become an extraordinary channel of His glory …

David and Renate Sorensen


Videos from Alph Lukau

Unbelieving pastor is blessed

A pastor didn’t believe that God was speaking through Alph Luka and openly challenged him. Then God reveals many details about his life to Alph, even the color of the pastors underwear, and he is deeply touched. Not only does God reveal that Alph Lukau is a true servant of Him, the pastor is also set free from trouble and released into freedom and blessing. God is so loving!

Witchcraft prevented

Alph Lukau locates a lady in the crowd, whose husband is secretly going to a witchdoctor to find problems for his trouble. The Lord intervenes in an amazing way and saves this precious family.

A witch struck with blindness

A witch was sent to curse and destroy pastor Alph Luka, but the Spirit of the Lord unmasks her and she is struck with blindness. She then gives her life to Jesus Christ and is restored. An amazing display of the power of God that is stronger than the forces of darkness.

Suicide prevented and life restored

Alph Lukau walks through the crowd of thousands of people right up to a young man who was hiding from him. The young man was preparing suicide, because he is incurably ill. Jesus touches him and his life is ended. God is amazing!

Secrets revealed and new hope given

The Lord reveals to Alph Luka a dark secret from a lady and she is set free and restored by the wonderful grace of God.

Witchcraft destroyed and freedom comes

The Lord reveals how witchcraft is destroying an entire family. Through Alph Lukau the Spirit of God brings deliverance and new life.

Plans of the enemy exposed

God intervenes in the life of these people to stop the works of darkness and brings His light of salvation.

Adultery exposed and marriage saved

God exposes adultery of a lady and gives her the chance to repent.

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had several amazing encounters with God, that transformed his life. His greatest desire is now to show people across the world how real God is and how deeply He loves all of us. He has a wonderful plan for our life and wants to fill us with His love.

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