Amazing testimonies from readers of GOD IS REAL

These amazing testimonies show you how God is working through GOD IS REAL to reveal His love to people all over the world. Read through all of them. I believe God will touch your heart.

During the week that I wanted to commit suicide, I found your website. You literally saved my life. Thank you! – Brianna
I have attempted suicide a few times. Life isn’t easy. But your emails have made me realize that God does love me. So thank you so so much for everything! It really means a lot! – Stephanie
I have been fighting depression to the point of contemplating suicide. I attempted at Christmas but was found and taken to hospital. I have been crying out for help from Jesus and asking him if he hears my crys. Then this letter from God Is Real comes to me about how much God loves me. – Patty
I’m sitting in a hotel in Egypt at rock bottom as yet another relationship has crashed and burned. I read your email. It has saved my life. Thank you is not the right word. – Cathy
Your emails help me to come out of depression – Tina
My bruised heart has received alleviation. – Manohar
Every time I read His message through you, my troubled life and heart lifted and makes me feel better. – Rose
I was in a real depressing situation. I felt like I was going crazy. When I turned on my computer yesterday I decided to look at my emails when I saw yours. My jaw literately dropped down and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt very special and very loved and the stone that was on my heart disappeared intermediately. – Angeline
I can feel the voice of God. I was so much troubled and after I read this message today I feel tonnes of happiness in me. – John
I was heart broken and after reading this article GOD IS REAL I felt like all the chains were loosened and now I believe God can heal a wounded soul. – Maculate
I’m filled with a lot of regrets in my life, but after reading this I got peace of mind. I don’t feel heavy in my heart anymore. The burden in my heart has almost gone and I can never explain how happy I feel after reading this message. – Dhanya
Last month I was so helpless and empty in my spirit, I didn’t have direction and didn’t know what to do as my marriage was really coming to an end for good. God did something miraculously. You sent me a prophecy that changed my life. Right now we are reconciling with my husband and I believe God is still going to do wonderful things in our lives. – Ntokozo
My wavering mind gets rest in these message, my heart refilled with hope. – Manohar
It always purify my heart every time I will read your email. It allows me to love God even more. – Marjorie
It has healed my broken spirit and made me to trusting, caring less of my troubles and difficulties and totally
resting my cares on God – Nkiruka
I wandered away from God. But after reading God is real, I want to be in God’s presence. – Selva
I have opened my heart to GOD and have accepted GOD wholeheartedly and felt the joy I have never experienced before. – Simon
I am ready to surrender myself to Jesus. Keep on guiding me. Thank you. – Selva
Your ministry has saved my life, from being hell bound to being heaven bound, to actually meeting with Jesus in a life changing way. – Veronica
I was lost, confused, given up and hopeless. After I meditated on your article I started believing. – Monique
After reading your article, it has changed my life. I had little faith in God, but reading your and other’s experiences, I have faith. Thank you. – Mia
I read your testimony today, it makes me cry like a baby. – Rachel
Your email spoke to me to the point where I couldn’t contain myself and ended up balling my eyes out with joy… – Rose
Whenever I receive these emails I cant but stop crying at the awe of God. – Paramita
When I read the words from the voice of heavenly Father I find the joy with tears in my whole heart and I am very much inspired by his love. – Preethi
I feel comforted, rejoiced, filled with tears and built in faith when I read the mail from you. – Jsammeta
Sometimes when I read your emails I weep over them, that’s how much they touch me, to see that the Lord is working through you to tell me the truth. – Patrick
I do like to read your writings as they comfort me. They also bring tears to my eyes & I don’t really know why! – Tony
When I am reading this, I can’t control my emotion, I can stop crying maybe be cause I now know that Jesus loves me. Thank you for reminding me that he loves me in every season and my future is secured through him. – Paloma
Oh my God, I just shed tears. Surely God must have penned this down for me without doubt. God spoke to my heart through you. I have of late been asking God to speak to me and was getting no answer, but today in the morning I opened my mail and here HE IS! Thank you God for my answered prayers. God bless you. – Agnes
I was feeling confused and stressed, but you’ve enlightened me. Thank you so much! I’m in tears of joy right now, you’ve truly brought a blessing to my life, and I hope you always have God on your side! – Raegy
I signed up a week ago and they touch me so, that I even cry sometimes by reading. – Gabi
The tears were flowing while I was reading the words and deeply sinking into my heart. – Monique
You have changed my life – James
You saved me. – Roma
I am so blessed with these messages, I am so happy, I mean I am so grateful and my life is transformed. – Rosy
“Your messages are so uplifting and bring joy and hope into my heart. Thank you for reaching out to people in this way. You are definitely heaven sent at this time.” – Tamzine
I have been much blessed through your inspiring words of God. It’s just like a miracle! – Biraj
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know this is from God because everything (choice words, phrases, and specific bible verses) is spot on with what I am going through. The only other way would be if you were listening to me for weeks and months, or had read my journals. – Tracy
You taught me so many things about our lovely Father GOD, and I’m so thankful for this because you showed me in a real way. – Yosef
Your emails have gave me new mindset, thoughts, new direction and way forward in my relationship and fellowship with our saviour and creator. – Herman
I feels like I’m falling in love with God again and again. – Kristyl
Every time I read Gods messages through your emails, I feel that God is with me. Gods message through your ministry has moved and changed my life to understand the goodness and the love God has for us. – Herman
I cherish the prophetic words you send to me. They don’t only address me so powerfully, but I feel God is becoming so real in my life. The Lord is great. – Randolph
I have no words to express my feelings. Really God is real. ‎When first I receive your email, I felt electric shock in my whole body. – Mosia
When I read about how you encountered God I was highly inspired and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit within me. – Lizzie
I get down so often due to the problems that I can’t seem to shake, and reading the words that you write always helps to lift my spirit. I can feel the true love of God flowing through them and it gives me hope. – Karin
“I just feel the overwhelming love God has for me. Thank you very much.” – Consol
I just read your last post and could feel the Holy Spirit washing over me. My soul.. every part of me! – Kimberley

Thank you!

For those who support GOD IS REAL: this is the fruit of your support. Thank you so much for helping me save lives and bring healing too the world.

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David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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