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Knowing God for real and experiencing His love, is the most beautiful reality there is. Do you want to experience it as well? Then sign up for GOD IS REAL and discover the most amazing, most powerful, most beautiful person you can ever encounter!

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nature canvas prints image

Nature canvas prints bring Paradise into your home

Beautiful nature canvas prints, by David Sorensen, bring Paradise into your home.

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dreams fulfilled god

God wants to fulfill your dreams

Did you know God is a GOOD Father who loves to fulfill your dreams?

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light jesus worldwide

See My glorious light all over the world!

I am the morning star who spreads his light to the ends of the earth. I want you to see Me, my child, in My radiant glory.

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Have hope! God is faithful…

Don’t despair, beautiful child of God. God is the God of HOPE and He gives you hope. He has a plan for your life.

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i am sorry

I’m sorry…

Saying ‘I am sorry’ is a major key to healing of your heart and restoring relationships.

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enjoy nature healing

Enjoy nature and be healed

God created us to enjoy nature. He is calling us to spend more time in His creation and receive healing from it.

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resurrection jesus christ image

Jesus Christ is risen

The difference between religious leaders and Jesus Christ is that they are all dead, while… JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN!

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beautiful devotional

You are so beautiful, My child!

You are beautiful, because I created you in MY image, says God.

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daily devotional repentance

Come back to Me, now!

Seek me and take time to experience me. I have called you to be CLOSE to me, says the Lord. Not at a distance.

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what is prophecy

What is prophecy?

The gift of prophecy allows christians to become a vessel of the voice of God, to encourage others.

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