We are precious children of God. He sees our value!

We are precious children of God, even though we can feel worthless and sinful. God sees our beauty and He values us more than anything else. This encouraging daily devotional reveals how precious we are, as children of God.

children of god
This daily devotional is a prophetic word about our value as children of God. Prophetic means it is directly inspired by God himself through the wonderful gift of prophecy, given to us by the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to read these words several times, to allow the heart of God to touch your heart deeply.

We are extremely precious children of God, even when we feel worthless or sinful. He sees our beauty more than anyone else.

crown children god

We are royal children of God!

Did you know, child of God, that Daddy looks at us with eyes of a REAL DAD?
He looks at us with eyes that enjoy seeing us.
He enjoys us, like a real father enjoys his little children.
Can you believe this?
As children of God, we are so beautiful in His eyes.
God sees a beauty in us, we can’t even see ourself.
He sees a glory inside of us, that nobody else can see.

This is what God says to you, right now…

My beautiful child,

I see your treasure, deep inside of you.
You are so precious, says God.
So beautiful.
You may see the bad stuff in your life, the sin and dirt on your soul.
But I know there is more.
There is a treasure in you, hidden beneath the sand.
I see it, says God, that’s why I have called to be My own.
You are My own, says God.
Although you say ‘I am not worthy’ I say:
You are my treasure.
So costly that I became a human, like you, and I died for you.
I gave my very life, to make you My precious child.
So come to Me.
Don’t be afraid,
Don’t run from Me.
‘But God, I am so dirty! I am so filthy. How can you want Me?’
I see so much more in you.
Look at the prodigal son, in the Bible.
He had lived with the pigs.
Hey, see it before your eyes!
children of god prodigal son
What a low place, what a humiliation.
His sin had brought him as low as eating with the pigs, in the mud.
What value did he have left?
But I welcomed him back into my arms and I clothed him with a ROYAL ROBE.
See it, child!
See it before your eyes.
This filthy, sinful, humiliated son…
Nobody cared about him.
I clothed him with royalty right in front of the eye of all my household.
He never went back to the pigs.
He knew how loved he is.
How precious he is.

children of god princess

Royal children of God

 I say to you, My child:
You don’t belong with the pigs, in the mud of sin.
You belong with Me, in My royal courts, where you see My beauty and glory.
I call you out of the darkness into the light.
So come to Me.
Don’t hide from Me.
You are way too precious, to be in those dark places.
You are called to walk with Me in the courts of heaven, the royal chambers of My presence.
That is who you are, prince or princess of the King of kings.
So come to Me.
Come with all your heart.
Lay it all down: your sins, your pride, your fear, your darkness, your lies, your shame…
I wash it all off of you.
I gave My very own blood, to buy you from the grip of sin, and make you My very own.
So shake it off.
Let My Spirit wash it all off of you.
And shine, My beauty!
Shine with Me.
Shine in My light
Shine in My glory.
Shine in My love, that is yours forevermore,
And when the time is right I will send you into the deep darkness, where other royal children of Me are, hiding in the mud with the pigs.
I will send you to the filthy places where you can tell them about My love for them.

royal children god

So many royal children of Me are hidden in the dirt of the world.
But I will call them, to be My very own.
So precious, so costly, so beautiful….
Each and every one of them.
Gems in the dirt, hidden for the eye of men, but I see them.
So let My Spirit clean your heart and mind, from all the dirt.
And be My child, forevermore.
I love you forever,
The God of heaven and earth, Creator of all that lives, the Father who calls you His very own.

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David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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