Daily Devotional

The daily devotional from GOD IS REAL inspires you, strengthens your faith and helps you experience God as the most beautiful reality there is. Sign up for the free devotionals and experience all God has for you. He is so much more beautiful than we realize… The daily devotional is written by David and Renate Sorensen, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Several devotionals are what the Bible calls ‘prophetic words‘. This means the words were directly inspired by God Himself, to touch your heart deeply with His love. Enjoy these christian devotionals and share them with others, to encourage and strengthen them as well.

beautiful devotional

You are so beautiful, My child!

You are beautiful, because I created you in MY image, says God.

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daily devotional repentance

Come back to Me, now!

Seek me and take time to experience me. I have called you to be CLOSE to me, says the Lord. Not at a distance.

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enjoy life

Enjoy LIFE!

The Father longs to give you peace and quiet, so you can enjoy life again.

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daily devotional fathers love

The Father loves you!

In this daily devotional the heavenly Father calls you to come to Him and receive His love.

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