You are so beautiful, My child!

You are beautiful, because I created you in MY image, says God.

beautiful devotional

In this daily devotional Jesus Christ expresses how beautiful you are, because you were created in His image. Enjoy this free devotional and share it with others!

My beautiful child,

I have created you as a beautiful person.

I made you in MY IMAGE.

I see a beauty in you, that nobody else sees.

But it’s there, and I love it.

You are not what you think you are.

You are so much more…

I called you to be MY CHILD.

Do you understand this?

Do you understand what this means?

I called you to be MY CHILD.

I am the God of the heavens and the earth, the Creator of all things.

I am the great almighty God.

The One Who reigns forever and ever.

All the angels worship Me.

All the demons tremble before Me.

Heavens and earth display My great power and wisdom.

Nobody is like Me.

I am the Lord Most High, the King of glory, the Lord of lords.


And you are My child.

daily devotional majesty

If you see Me in My tremendous majesty, My amazing beauty, My eternal greatness…

If you see My wisdom displayed through the ages and in creation, if you see My love expressed in all mankind where I heal brokenhearted and save them from the pit of darkness, and restore their lives…

If you see My love, My greatness, My beauty and wisdom…


And then know…


Yes, I am your Father.

I am Your Father and I created you to know Me, in all My beauty.

I have created you to know Me in all My majesty and goodness.

So please, My beautiful child.

Don’t hold back from Me.

Don’t hold your heart or worship back from Me.

I want to show you My overwhelming love, in ways you never thought possible.

So worship Me.

So give yourself to Me.

So surrender everything you are in deep and full adoration to Me.

If you begin to see Me with the eyes of your heart, and if you begin to feel My presence while you worship, your eyes will be opened more and more, to behold Me.

I want you to know how beautiful I am.

Because then you will come alive, as never before.

I see you my child, with eyes full of love and compassion.

daily devotional worship surrender

More of you!

And I say: COME.

More. More. More of you.

More of your heart.

More of your surrender.

More of your worship.

More of your sins.

Surrender it all to Me.

I forgive you, when you come to Me and lay it all down before Me, and simply worship Me.

I cleanse you, I restore you, I fill you again.

And you will see Me as I am.

So My beautiful one….

I have a plan for your life.

See Me in My beauty.

And surrender all you are and all you have, and worship me with everything that’s inside of you.

Then the burdens of life will fall away.

Then the strains of life will break off.

You will be free, in My presence.

Free to fly and to live a new life.

I love you.

– Jesus Christ.


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David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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