God wants to fulfill your dreams

Did you know God is a GOOD Father who loves to fulfill your dreams?

dreams fulfilled god

In this daily devotional we learn about a typical characteristic of our heavenly Father: he loves to fulfill our dreams. It is a promise in scripture, that when we rejoice in the Lord, He fulfills our dreams. Enjoy this free devotional and share it with others!

God fulfills your dreams

Did you know that God loves to fulfill your dreams?

He has put those deep desires in your heart.

What is your greatest desire?

Maybe you don’t even know.

But God loves to make your dreams come true.

In our case, it’s being able to live in nature and enjoying animals, such as horses.

God created man for nature, not for cities.

What is your deepest desire?

Dare to believe that God, your loving Father, wants to fulfill your dreams.

A key to see dreams fulfilled

A key to seeing your dreams fulfilled, is helping others achieve their dream.

For what you sow, you will reap.

What you do for others, God does for you.

If you help others in realizing their dream, God will help realize your dream.

Jesus said that it will be done to us, as we have done to others.

This is one of the keys, for your own breakthrough.

dreams fulfilled

Dare to dream.

Dare to expand your horizon.

Dare to enlarge your vision.

Dare to dream, says God!

I even want to give you that which you don’t dream about, says God.

I’m so much greater than you think.

My love is also way greater than you realize.

Don’t think it’s not for you.

Dare to trust me, says your heavenly Father.

I want to give you what you desire.

If you are a giver who helps, blesses and loves others, then you open the door for Me to give you whatever you desire.

Don’t allow negative feelings or thoughts towards people who are blessed.

Don’t allow jealousy or bitterness in your heart.

Grant others what you desire yourself.

If you grant others rich blessing, I can give it to you as well, says the Father.

Have a BIG heart, my child. Because I also have a BIG heart.

dream heart

Dream like a child

Have a giving heart, a heart that enjoys seeing others happy.

Then I can give it to you as well.

Because what you do to your neighbor, will be done to you.

He who blesses, will be blessed.

He who gives, will receive.

Open the door of your heart, my child.

Then I can amaze you, then I can give you what you never dreamed of.

Don’t think that you should always be poor and unhappy.

Does that give me joy? Me, the God of heaven and earth?

Of course not.

I want to see you blessed, fruitful, living in My goodness, enjoying the life that I created you for.

Do not be robbed of the joy I want to give you.

Live. Enjoy. Drink of the good. Eat of the good.

Be a happy person.

It doesn’t bless me when you’re always serious.

It’s not spiritual to go through life without joy.

It’s not my will that you’re always negative.


I want to see you laughing.

Free. Glad. Singing. Dancing. Smiling.


Play as a child!

You’re My Child.

So play as a child.

Do what you really like.

Have fun, My child!

dreams child

Dream and be free

Don’t allow any burdens that people or spirits put upon you.

I give you no other burden than my command to love your neighbor.

This is what I ask of you: love others, as I love you.

Do good, love, heal people around you, have mercy and patience, forgive, spread goodness.

Then I’m happy.

And then you also have plenty of joy.

I have dreams about your life, My child.

And about your loved ones.

I dream beautiful, big, special dreams.

I dream to give happiness and joy, peace and well-being to my children.

I have not saved you from sin to see you with a sour face for the rest of your life.


I am the God of joy. The God of pleasure. The God of freedom. The God of life in abundance.

So LIVE! Have joy.

From despair to your dream

Have courage, through the battle that you experience.

Dare to believe that I will turn everything for good.

Dare to believe that I’m with you through the hard times.

I am the sun that shines in your heart, through the storms.

And I want to raise you up, restore you and give you life.


Not the serious sip-looking God, who many think I am.


And I want to give you that joy.

So enjoy.

And dream.

Dare to recognize your dreams.

Dare to see them.

Dare to let your dreams live in your heart.

Then I can fulfill them.

It gives me great joy to grant My children their deepest desires.

Your loving Father.

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