pray for the world

Pray For The World

Do you want to become part of the greatest army in the world? The army of prayer, that shakes the heavens and changes the earth? Then sign up and become a prayer warrior who prays for the world and sees

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What does Jesus say about the Corona crisis?

In every situation we need to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, above the noises of the world around us. I asked the Lord what He wants to tell me about the current corona crisis in the world. This

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rule the world

They want to rule the world… Will they succeed?

A small group of wealthy people want to rule the world, behind the scenes. They use media and politics and apply different techniques of mass manipulation. Will they succeed in their plans, or will they

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From Old to New Covenant: They key to understanding the Bible

A visual overview of the core of the biblical message: the transfer from the OLD covenant to the NEW covenant. The old was STONE and the new is SPIRIT.

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Picture of the second coming of Jesus Christ, according to Bible prophecy

The Second Coming Of Christ – UNVEILED!

What nobody told you aboutthe return of Christ    No topic in Christianity has caused more confusion than that of the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ. We will attempt

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