Enjoy LIFE!

The Father longs to give you peace and quiet, so you can enjoy life again.

enjoy life

In this daily devotional we read about God’s desire for us to enjoy LIFE! God created us to LIVE, not to be busy all the time, and wear ourselves out. Seek rest, seek peace, and enjoy life… 

Daily Devotional
Enjoy life!

The Father loves us so much.

But He is sad sometimes…

Because He sees how weary we are.

How busy.

How oppressed.

And how stressed.

He longs to give us rest.

He longs to refresh us.

He has better things for us.

How can we receive it?

By stepping away from the noise of the world.

Seek solitude.

Seek rest.

Seek peace.

Seek quietness.

Seek nature.

Seek stillness

enjoy life walking

Step away from the busy world.

The many sounds.

The opinions.

The fighting.

The anger and strive.

Step away from it all.

Seek peace.

Seek stillness.

Seek Him.

He will bring refreshing to your soul.


Come and drink from Him, beloved.

Drink from His peace, His joy, His love.

Don’t allow the noise and restlessness of the world to blind you.







Step away from it.

Do it, please.

enjoy life happiness

Shake it off!

So many of His precious children live in the tensions of this world.

And they live exhausted.


Angry and stressed.

He is longing for you, to come into His peace.

Don’t allow people to rush you.

Don’t allow religion to rush you.

Don’t even allow the church to rush you.

All these burdens.

All these heavy weights on your shoulder.

All these duties.

Shake them off.

Shake them off.

It’s not from the Lord.

Or maybe it is from the Lord, but the way we do it, is not of Him.

Jesus Christ said: My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Things can wait.

Even very good things can wait.


Enjoy life!


Do what gives you strength and energy.

Do what is fun and what refreshes you.

Dare to live and enjoy life.

God didn’t create you to carry heavy burdens.

He created you to LIVE!

Can you understand this?

Do you realize this?

God created you to LIVE!!!

So live.

Do what gives you life.

Step away from what steals your peace, life and joy.

Don’t allow it anymore.

Seek His peace and His joy.

He loves you.

Enjoy life!

enjoy life with god

This is a prophetic word inspired by the Holy Spirit, for you:

I have called you to live, my child.

I didn’t call you to only rush and run.

I called you to enjoy Me and enjoy the good things I have for you.

Your beloved ones.

Your family.

Your friends.

My creation.

The hobbies I gave you.

What do you like, My child?

What makes you happy and relaxed?


Discover what I have created for man to enjoy.

I rejoice when I see you enjoy life.

It makes me happy to see you smile and be whole.

So enjoy life!

– Your heavenly Father.

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