Enjoy nature and be healed

God created us to enjoy nature. He is calling us to spend more time in His creation and receive healing from it.

enjoy nature healing

In this daily devotional our heavenly Father invites us to enjoy nature. His beautiful creation, that refreshes, heals and restores us and helps us to enter into His peace and presence. Enjoy this free devotional and share it with others!

My beloved child,

You are meant to enjoy nature.

I did not create man in a city or a stone building.

Where did I place man?

In a garden full of beauty, life, fresh air and sunlight.

A garden where everything was vibrantly alive

That’s good for man.

That’s how I meant it.

enjoying nature god

Enjoy nature!

So many of My children are tense, depressed, sad and tired.

One of the reasons for this is the lack of enjoyment of nature.

Do you understand that, my child?

I did not create you for concrete and steel.

I did not create you to live in a city without fresh air.

I did not create you to always run and be busy.

I created you to enjoy nature.

There I placed man.

There I walked with man.

There man had intimate fellowship with Me, every day.

I would like to experience that with you as well, My child.

Walk with you through My creation, the beauty that refreshes you, the rest that enhances and restores you.

 enjoy nature life

I am life!

My child, go more into nature.

Go cycling or hiking.

Get out of your house and your car, get out of the city’s contamination.

Find nature on my child.

Sometimes you have to make some effort.

But you will experience a lot of joy.

So many of my children pray me every day for what I can only give them if they go into nature more often.

Many people who do not even know me, understand this much better than some who are my children.

They have no sense of the wealth and the joy that I want to give them, if they would go more often in the silence and freedom of nature.

I’m life.

Do you understand?

Life. Fully.

Stones do not live. Steel does not live. Buildings do not live. The city is not alive. It is very busy and chaotic, but there is no life that heals mankind.

So many people are ill and heavily depressed by the city. It pollutes their mind, soul and body.

Evil likes the city. There is the noise, the chaos, and that which pollutes people.

Evil always leads people to the hustle and bustle of a city, where they hear my voice less clearly, due to the many noise and countless distractions.

But I’ll lead into My peace, my child.

So seek rest. Go into nature.

Buy yourself a new bike. Or some good walking shoes. Take more time off work and enjoy.

I want to see you smile again, my child.

That’s what gives me joy, if you’re free from the hustle and bustle of the cities, and if you’re rested in creation.

Then you come to life again.

Discover it, My child.

I did not create man for the big busy city, but for the peace and quiet of nature.

The evil one wants to destroy nature because he knows it makes man healthy and brings people closer to Me.

Those who spend more time in nature, are more open to know Me.

Nature speaks of Me. It testifies of Me. It shows my beauty and it opens man to me.

But the city removes many people from me.

Find the beauty of nature, my child.

Search for it. Fight for it.

Make the decision to enter nature and enjoy my creation as often as you can.

You will experience much more joy.

Many loads will fall off of you. Tension will disappear. Fear will make room for deep inner peace.

Your fatigue will decrease and you will become stronger.

I heal you through my peace and quiet.

I heal you through my life that flows in nature.

I heal you through the fresh air that flows through your body.

I heal you through the physical exercise you have when cycling or walking.

I heal you through the sunlight shining in your eyes.

I meant you to live in nature, my child.

It is one of the greatest treasures one can ever discover.

Don’t let it be stolen from you.

Enjoy My creation, My child.

I will be with you, as you enter My beautiful creation and learn to send a lot of time there.

I will enjoy it with you. We will enjoy as two friends who make fun together.

With all My love,

your heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

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