Evidence of the flood

Is there evidence for the flood of Noah? Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling, explains six geological evidences for the global flood.

Geological evidence of the global flood of Noah

Is there evidence of the flood of Noah, as described in the Bible? In this video geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling explains six geological facts that prove the global flood of Noah really happened.

The book of Genesis tells us the global flood covered even the mountains:

‘…the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth, and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered.’ (Genesis 19:7)

If this global flood really occurred, then there must be evidence for it.

What we must find, for example, is billions of dead plants and animals, buried in rock layers. And that is needed what we find all over the world. Billions of fossils of dead plans and animals, covered with mud, that eventually became rock. Dr. Andrew Snelling tells us more about the evidence for the flood, in this video.

Evidence for the flood of Noah #1:
Sea creatures buried high in mountains of the continents 

evidence flood himalayasMarine creatures that live in the oceans, are found in mountains like the Himalaya. How did they get there, unless the ocean waters rose up over the continents?


Evidence for the flood of Noah #2:
Rapidly buried plants and animals 

evidence flood rapid fossilsThere aren’t only fossils of plants, but also of bees and bats, and fish that are busy eating another fish, animals that are giving birth, delicately preserved fossilized jellyfish, etc. These organisms could never have fossilized slowly, like the theory of evolution claims. They have been buried rapidly, by a flood of mud and water, covering them in an instant.


Evidence for the flood of Noah #3:
Rapidly deposited sediment layers, across the continents

evidence flood grand canyonLimestone layers in the Grand Canyon are full of fossils. The same limestone is found in Pennsylvania, in exactly the same position, and in England and the Himalayas. Then there are the chalk beds, like the white cliffs of Dover, Europe, Middle East, Kazachstan, Texas and Western Australia etc. These are all similar chalk beds with the same fossils!


Evidence for the flood of Noah #4:
Long transport distance of sediments

evidence flood sandstoneThe Coconino Sandstone of the Grand Canyon. The same grains have washed and eroded from as far north as Wyoming. The Navajo Sandstones in Zion National Park, those huge white cliffs…. the same grains have washed and eroded from the Appalachians, all the way across North America.


Evidence for the flood of Noah #5:
Rapid or no erosion between sediment layers

evidence flood edge layersThere is a knife edge flat featureless boundary between rock layers of the Coconino Sandstone and Hermit Shale. This is several miles long! Evolutionary geologists claim there is ten millions years missing of that boundary. What happened in ten millions years of weather and erosion? You’d get a topography, not a flat, featureless boundary line.


Evidence for the flood of Noah #6:
Whole rock layer sequences deposited rapidly in quick succession

evidence flood rock layers bentThe walls of the Grand Canyon: from the bottom to the top, supposed to be representing 300 million years of slow and gradual sedimentary deposition. When the plateau was pushed up, during the flood, those rock layers were bent and folded… WITHOUT FRACTURING! This means they had to be soft! If they had been hard, they would have been fractured. That means that they could have only just have been deposited… which means the supposedly three hundred million years never happened. Those rock layers must have been rapidly deposited in quick succession during the global flood.

blue line light

Evidence for the flood

It’s obvious there is plenty of scientific evidence for the flood. Who are you going to believe? Scientists who weren’t there and who make mistakes? Or the Word of God who was there, when it happened and who tells us what happened? What we see in God‘s World agrees with what we read in God’s Word.

Geologist Andrew A. Snelling, B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D. (Geology) was Senior Research Scientist and Editor of the CEN Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation) at Creation Science Foundation (now Creation Ministries International). He now works for Answers in Genesis USA.

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