Faith in Jesus Christ

Don't give up your faith in Jesus Christ. He will never disappoint you.

faith in jesus christ

Don’t give up your faith in Jesus Christ. He will never disappoint you.

Many christians walk away from their faith in Jesus Christ, because they have been deeply wounded or disappointed by other christians. But Jesus Christ Himself will never dissapoint you or let you down. People let you down, sometimes life is a disaster, you can stumble over your own mistakes… But Jesus Christ is totally different. He is the Lord who has all power in heaven and earth.

He is the Bright Morning Star, which means that He is always as the dawn, a beautiful rising sun, who promises that it will be a beautiful day again. How dark and scary the darkness of your circumstances is or was – if you look towards Jesus, there is always that shining sun that arises and drives away all fear, pain and worries.

Have faith in Jesus Christ! He is the shining Morning Star. He will never let you down.

No matter how dark your life may be, or how much disillusionment you may be experiencing, or how much pain people are causing you… Whatever your dreams were, whatever your frustrations are… look towards Jesus Christ and all you see is love, hope, forgiveness, restoration and a new future.

have faith in jesus christ

Jesus Christ is without beginning and without end. He is the beginning and the end, of all centuries of all times. He stands far above all our limitations. He came to earth to lift us up, out of our limited way of thinking and shows us how much more beautiful, greater and mightier the Almighty God is. He shows us that in His eyes we are not the worthless creatures we often think we are. He died on the cross to show how great His love and forgiveness are towards us. It is His greatest proof of how great his appreciation is for us:

He was willing to sacrifice Himself completely so that you could come home.

Jesus Christ opened the way for you to come home into the loving, protecting and helping arms of your heavenly Father. No one ever has ever seen God, but through Jesus Christ you can get to know Him personally in your heart. In your life. Every day.

The Holy Spirit gives us faith in Jesus Christ

There is no way to fully describe how wonderful Jesus Christ is. He is much more than anyone can put into words. The only one who can truly show you who Jesus is, is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God, whom He gave to you as proof of your childhood in God. That Spirit opens your heart and understanding and intellect for the purpose of getting to know Jesus Christ. He shows you that the knowledge of Christ is more than just a theological, intellectual understanding of facts, and has everything to do with encounter and experience. He doesn’t have you study masses of books to get to know Jesus Christ better.

faith jesus christ eyes

The Spirit of God opens your inner you and gives you an encounter of the heart with Jesus Christ Himself.

He shows you how He sees you, He helps you understand how Jesus Christ feels about you. The Spirit of God opens your heart to who Jesus Christ really is. This knowledge can’t be learned in any book or study. That’s why this text is only a tool to get your heart enthusiastic for Jesus Christ. What I write is only a dim reflection of who Jesus Christ is.

If you want these words to be more than a combination of black letters on your screen or on a piece of paper, then pray that the Spirit of God would make you full of Himself, so that you can get to know Jesus better.

Here you learn how you can receive the Holy Spirit.


Prayer to have faith in Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus, fill me with your Spirit, so that I can get to know You better as a reality, like You are.

Jesus show me who You are. I want to get close to you. I don’t want to live life at a distance from You.

Make me a reflection of who you are Lord Jesus. Make me somebody who shows others who You are.

Fill me with your love, with your words and with your strength, Lord.

I don’t want to live on my own strength and fight and fail again and again.

Make me a vessel that is full of your Spirit, so that your love can change me. So that your grace and your forgiveness can turn my life around as You desire.

Teach me, Lord Jesus Christ, that your goodness can’t be earned, but that You Yourself give Your precious Spirit to me because You love me, not matter what my mistakes have been and are.

Lord, make me full of You. Everyday of my lifve lord. Whatever happens.


About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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