The most beautiful reality there is...

Knowing God for real and experiencing His love, is the most beautiful reality there is. Do you want to experience it as well? Then sign up for GOD IS REAL and discover the most amazing, most powerful, most beautiful person you can ever encounter!


Is God real? Who is God? Is there proof God exists? How can I experience the love of God? What is the power of God? Here you discover who God is, and you learn how you can get to know him and experience his love for you.

power of god

The power of God

The power of God is at work in our world. Learn how to experience the power of God and become a vessel of the glory of God to the world.

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god loves you

God loves you!

God loves you so much! He longs to embrace you with His arms of love.

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gods love for us

God’s love for us

God’s love for us is so much greater than we can ever imagine. Experience the love of God in this beautiful message.

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experiencing god day by day

Experiencing God

Experiencing God, day by day is the most beautiful reality we can discover.

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you are precious

You are precious

‘You are precious to Me and I have a wonderful plan for your life.’ That is the message of the following prophetic word.

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god old testament

God of the Old Testament

The God of the Old Testament is pure love, grace and compassion, just as Jesus Christ.

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wrath of god

The wrath of God

Has the wrath of God ceased after 70 AD? No. God still judges wickedness, as long as it is necessary.

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god help

God help!

If you cry out ‘God help!’ then you may know that God is here to help you. He knows you and He hears your cry.

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fire of god

The fire of God

The fire of God is a fire of love, purity and power. We need His fire, every day of our lives.

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my encounter with god

My encounter with God

My encounter with God was overwhelming and it changed my life…

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