How to enter heaven while you are in hell

Some of us may literally experience hell in our life. This article shows you how to enter heaven while you are going through hell. This will change your life. Enjoy and share with others please.

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A major key for you to overcome the destructive influence of hell in your life, is knowing who you are and who’s on your side. One of the tricks of the enemy is to lie to you about your identity. He speaks into your spirit with lies about God and yourself. ‘You are not a child of God. You are not loved by God. You are mine. You are a child of sin!’ When the spirits of darkness are successful in convincing you of these lies, they have power over you. When you know you are God’s precious child, and God is with you, they lose power. I encourage you to wage war in this area of your mind. Recognize the thoughts and feelings that attack you with negative conceptions of yourself. This is critical.

Jesus Christ came to set us free from the reign of sin and make us children of God. When you choose to follow Jesus Christ – may it be imperfect, with failing and struggling all the way – then nothing can rob you from God’s hands.

God loves you so much more than you are aware of.

If you would see how great God’s love is for you, you would never doubt Him again. Fear and frustration would fall away and courage and peace would fill you. Unfortunately we all struggle with the belief that God deeply loves us. I also struggle with that. But read this, and try to remember it for the rest of your life:

What you feel and believe about God’s love, doesn’t change His love for you.

Did you catch that? Your feelings and faith have zero influence on God’s love for you. Nothing you do changes His love for you. He loved you way before you ever made a choice to love Him back. It’s HIS love that has been waging war for you, to draw you to Him. It’s HIS love that inspires me to write these words for you, to help you. His love is chasing you, overcoming obstacles to reach you, breaking through strongholds of the enemy, to touch you.

His love is reaching out to you every day, to show you: I AM HERE FOR YOU.


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What the enemy does, is focus you away from God’s love, onto your struggles, your weaknesses, your failures, etc. Be aware of this. Nothing has changed. God loves you! Your circumstances may try to tell you otherwise. But He loves you. He loves the refugees that have to flee their land, because of violent invasions. He loves the children who are sold as slaves. He loves the fathers and mothers who are betrayed by their spouse and who lose everything. He loves the dying patients in the hospitals. He loves all of us so much more than we can understand.

Why am I going through hell?

Our greatest question is: if you love me, why then do I experience so much of hell? But figure this… God chose David, in the Bible, and anointed him to become king over Israel. God saw his heart and loved him. But why then did David have to run for his life, so often? Why then was David betrayed by his most dearly beloved ones? Why then did David have to live in caves, several years?

Many heroes of the Bible had to go through hell, in order for heaven to fully manifest in their life.

WHY? I can’t fully answer this. But I do know that every person who stayed true to God and grew in depth with Him, became glorious and powerful in ways they were not before. The enemy may attack you, try to kill you and plan all sorts of schemes of destruction. It doesn’t change God’s love for you or His plan with you. Stay true to Him. Stay close to Him.


Worship opens the door to heaven


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Become a worshipper in the lion’s den, just like Daniel. Become a worshipper in the prison, just like Paul. Become a worshipper in jail, just like Joseph. Become a worshipper just like Noe in the worst storm the earth ever experienced. Be a worshipper just like Jesus who died on the cross. Dearly beloved child of God, this is a secret. It is an amazing doorway to heaven, while you are in hell. Listen…. Do you hear this?

This is a doorway to heaven while you are in hell: worship God.

How do you do this? First of all: acknowledge that you can’t worship Him. So ask the Spirit of God to do it within you. This is a major secret for breakthrough. Ask the Spirit of God: fill me, open me, show me Jesus and the Father. I am here for you. I surrender to you. Lead me in true worship.

Dear child of God, if you would read this and get it, your life will never be the same. Again… ask the Spirit of God: fill me, open me, show me Jesus and the Father. I am here for you. I surrender to you. Lead me in true worship.

And then simply begin to worship the Father with every vessel of who you are. Start glorifying Him with all your heart.

Praise His love.
Praise His majesty.
Praise His holiness.
Praise His beauty.
Praise His goodness.
Praise His wisdom.
Praise His faithfulness.
Praise His presence.
Praise Him for all He is and all He does.

I am telling you: once you do this regularly, you will become an amazing warrior of heaven, here on the earth. Hell will lose its grip and heaven will fill your life and mind.


I encourage you to just DO it. Don’t only read this and then go on.


Make this the nr one priority in your life. Become a person who enters heaven while you are on the earth and maybe even while your life is hell. Enter heaven. Worship God for who He is. Not only for what He does. But for WHO HE IS.

Become a worshipper, like David in the desert, Paul in prison, Joseph in jail and Daniel in the lion’s den.

Now listen to me: be aware of the strategies of the enemy to distract and bind you, so you would never do this. ‘Oh, I am too busy’! No you are not. You are not too busy to sit and waste time in front of the TV, watching the acts of the enemy. You are not too busy to surf on the internet trying to fill the need of your hungry soul. You are not too busy. You have plenty of time. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Listen to the voice of God who says:


I have made a choice to set everything aside, again and again – every day if possible – and consciously enjoy God. Just worship Him. Just behold His glory and beauty. Strengthen myself with His word. Listen to His voice.


It’s bread and wine for me. Life and healing. Power and encouragement. Rest and restoration.


You need it too. So break free from the ties that bind you and keep you from coming to Him. Know His love for you. Your feelings are lying to you. Your thoughts are lying, if they say God’s not with you.


Just become aware of His embrace around you and enjoy Him. He will transform your life, when you do this. But it is a choice YOU have to make. I can’t make it for you.

Read this post several times. Print it out and make sure you read it again next week, next month, next year. Remind yourself of this amazing open door to heaven that you have. Entering in once has little effect. Entering in as a lifestyle will make you a vessel of God’s glory on the earth.

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had several amazing encounters with God, that transformed his life. His greatest desire is now to show people across the world how real God is and how deeply He loves all of us. He has a wonderful plan for our life and wants to fill us with His love.

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