pray for the world

Pray For The World

Do you want to become part of the greatest army in the world? The army of prayer, that shakes the heavens and changes the earth? Then sign up and become a prayer warrior who prays for the world and sees

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prayer corona virus

Powerful prayer and prophecy concerning Corona virus

This video helps you to pray effectively and with authority against the corona virus. At the end you hear a very encouraging prophetic word about the future of our world. Use this video as a divine tool

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Corona virus: no fear!

Renate Sorensen was sick for several years. The Lord is healing her through a series of divine interventions. In this video she shares a very encouraging message. Watch till the end for a powerful prayer

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worship heaven hell

How to enter heaven while you are in hell

Some of us may literally experience hell in our life. This article shows you how to enter heaven while you are going through hell. This will change your life. Enjoy and share with others please.

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hope world

There is HOPE for our world – and for you!

Beloved, there is hope for our world. It may not seem like it and maybe you are struggling to have hope for your own life and the world around you. But when you discover the truth, you will find tremendous

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How generosity opens heaven to bless your socks off!

Generosity is probably the number one key for everyone of us to experience more blessings from God. Generosity literally opens the hands of God to work on our behalf.

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How being positive opens the door for all God’s blessings to you!

Being negative closes your heart for the many good things God wants to give you. Choose to be positive, loving, good, gracious and kind. Understand instead of judging. Forgive instead of hating. Give instead

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Finding intimacy with God

Seek intimacy with God, above all. Break free the demonic trap of fuss and distractions. I call you to come back to Me, says the Lord. Break away from the hustle and bustle of the world around you.   I

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christian posters

Christian Posters For You!

Did you know God can change your life through christian posters? Have a look at these posters…

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army lord

The most powerful army in the world

There is an army marching… It’s not the army of the ISIS, or the AntiChrist, it’s not the army of the satanists or the Illuminati, it’s not the army of the liberals or the atheists…

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