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Is there proof that God exists? Discover it here…

Is there proof that God exists? I mean, real evidence that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God? Yes. Many people have been led to believe it's impossible to prove the existence of God, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, God is the most powerful reality there is. Look at the evidence for God on this page and then decide for yourself.

proof god exists

1Proof God exists:
Healing miracles

In the Bible we see that one of God’s hallmarks is that He heals people, who can’t be helped by medical treatment. Jesus Christ performed thousands of miraculous healings and He commanded those who believe in Him to do the same. (Here you see an overview of the miracles of Jesus). The apostles of the New Testament saw countless healing miracles take place through their hands, as they preached the good news of God’s love for mankind.

All through history healing miracles have been astounding proof for the existence of God.

Do these miracles still happen today? You bet! Medical doctors all over the world are working together to document the countless healing miracles that are happening in our time. WCDN is a worldwide network of Christian doctors who investigate and document God’s healing miracles.

These medical doctors have already scientifically documented hundreds of healing miracles.

proof god healing

Thousands of people all over the world are miraculously healed from incurable conditions, after being touched by the power of God. There are christian healing ministries in almost every nation of the earth, who organize crusades where people are being healed by Jesus Christ. Many christians all over the world are going to the streets to pray for the sick publicly and they see many healed. Some examples of street healing ministries are Bob Brasset, Todd White, Torben Sondergaard, and countless more all over the world. Many books and film documentaries have been produced to tell the world of these amazing modern day miracles.

YouTube is full of clips where people testify how God has healed them miraculously.

These are not imaginary illnesses or psychological conditions but diseases like cancer, diabetes, deafness, etc. Diseases that cannot be cured with medical help, but these patients recover miraculously after receiving prayer from a Cristian who obeyed the command Jesus Christ gave us:

‘Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.’ (Matthew 10:8)

In the missions ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker amongst the poor in Mozambique hundreds of deaf, blind and lame people have been healed by Jesus Christ. Well known healing ministries in the United States are Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, Curry Blake, Kevin Basconi, Matt Sorger and hundreds more… I live in The Netherlands and even in this tiny nation I know several ministries that see astonishing healing miracles take place. One well known ministry is Jan Zijlstra, who has been on the front page of newspapers several times because of the dramatic healings that took place through his ministry.

Healing miracles are a reality all over the world, and it is an undeniable proof God exists.

My wife and I also have a healing ministry and have seen incredible miracles take place before our eyes, that were afterwards confirmed by doctors. Read my article titled ‘IS GOD REAL?‘ to find out more about our own experiences with the power of God. I have several medical doctors in my circle of friends, who pray for the sick and see them recover through their prayer. At this very moment people somewhere on our planet are being healed supernaturally by the power of God.

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Proof God exists:
Visions of Jesus

Thousands of muslims all over the world are experiencing something incredible: devout muslims that truly seek God with all their hart, suddenly have a supernatural vision in which they encounter Jesus Christ face to face.

visions jesus christIn these visions Jesus Christ tells them that he is the one they are seeking and that they must follow him. That is of course radically against their Islamitic religion!

These visions are so real and powerful that these muslims start believing in Jesus Christ.

Some go through severe persecution for this, lose their jobs or are being cast out of their families because the christian faith is strongly forbidden in Islamic countries. But because they’ve had this supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ, their faith is very strong. They know that Jesus is real. This happens all over the world. An amazing video documentary called ‘More Than Dreams’ has been made about this phenomenon.

Also in the western world there are thousands of people who had a life changing vision of Jesus Christ. John Fenn is an international christian leader who had several visitations from Jesus Christ. And there are so many more…

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Proof God exists:
Visions of heaven

Many books and video’s have been produced the last decade to document the astonishing experiences people have had of heaven or hell.

heaven visionMany books and video’s have been produced the last decade to document the astonishing experiences people have had of heaven or hell. For example: have you heard of Kat Kerr? This lady has had the incredible privilege of being taken into heaven by Jesus Christ several times. She received permission to share what God showed her, to encourage especially young people that heaven is not boring but extremely fun. Religion has blurred the sight of many people, causing them to have a wrong image of God. Young people often think heaven is a dull place, where everything is ‘religious’. But that idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kat Kerr explains what she has seen in heaven and it is too wonderful for words!

Other famous people who have been in heaven are Don Piper, Ian McCormack, Robin Harfouch, and many others. I personally know several people who have had experiences of heaven. One of my sons has even had a dream about heaven when he was five years old.

What he described is exactly what the Bible describes, without anyone having told him all of this!

If this would have happened to one person, it would be easy to dismiss it as an illusion or a trick of the brain. But all over the world there are testimonies, given by mentally healthy, intelligent people who describe what they have seen in heaven. This is also strong evidence for the existence of God.

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Proof God exists:
Angel experiences

You have probably heard testimonies of people who have seen, felt or heard an angel, who helped them, saved them or delivered a message from God.

proof god angelsYou have probably heard testimonies of people who have seen, felt or heard an angel, who helped them, saved them or delivered a message from God. In my article about the existence of angels, I share fascinating real life testimonies of angels.

Of course there is also a lot of nonsense on the internet and not everybody who says he saw an angel, has actually seen one. Many people want to see angels and when they see a weird light or a strange cloud they yell ‘An angel! An angel!’ But besides these nonsense-stories there are countless testimonies that are obviously real.

People who were saved by an angel from a life threatening situation, with sometimes eyewitnesses who also saw the angels.

Thousands of books have been written about angels. In the Bible the word ‘angel’ is mentioned over three hundred times. People in all cultures, everywhere on our planet, in all times, have described the same type of spiritual beings.

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Proof God exists:
Dreams from God

Millions of people all over the world receive life changing and sometimes even literally life saving dreams from God. These dreams warn them for dangers, give insight in difficult situations or bring healing in the wounds of people’s hearts.

proof god exists dreamsThe Bible says that God speaks to us in dreams. My wife and I have had amazing dreams in which God prepared us for things that would happen or gave us a message for someone, that changed their lives. Many christian books have been published to help us understand what God says in our dreams.

Recently I had a dream about a good friend of mine. In the dream I saw that he was ill and was dying. His last words to me were: ‘I have accomplished my mission.‘ When I woke up, I was puzzled. Was this a dream from God? Would our good friend die? Is he sick? I had not heard from anybody that our friend was ill…

A few weeks alter I suddenly heard the shocking news that our friend was dead.

We were absolutely blown away. What? Now I knew the dream I had, was from God. He prepared us for this terrible loss. Without the dream we would have been horrified, that our good friend and our co-worker in the ministry had died. From a person who was at his deathbed, we heard that the last words of our friend were indeed ‘I have accomplished my mission.’ He literally spoke the very words that I had heard him say in my dream – weeks before! The fact that God gave me this dream helped us deal with the loss of our friend.

Not only his death but also the very words he would say on his deathbed were revealed to me in a dream.

We have had many dreams like this. You can read more in the article ‘Is God real?‘ The Bible shows that God often speaks to people in dreams and reality today confirms this. This is also proof that God exists.

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Proof God exists:
Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Hundreds of millions of christian worldwide, in every possible culture experience the supernatural gifts of the holy Spirit like speaking in tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge, etc. These people experience the reality of God in incredible ways through these gifts of the Spirit.

gifts holy spiritThe Bible speaks about the supernatural gifts of the holy Spirit that God gives to believers in Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 12 & 14). These gifts are meant to encourage one another through the power, the love and the voice of God. Gifts are for example: praying in tongues (gives us spiritual strength), prophecy (allows God to speak through us), discernment (recognizing evil spirits to cast them out), extraordinary faith (to see God act in impossible situations), special knowledge (supernaturally know what problems somebody has, so God can use you to help them), etc.

Millions of christians all over the world experience the reality of these gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Not only in so called ‘pentecostal or charismatic’ churches but in every possible denomination. I had an experience where I prayed in tongues in front of a Jew who did’t believe in the Bible. He was astonished and said that 80-90% of my message was in Old Hebrew, a holy language only spoken by Rabbis when they talk about God. He was so overwhelmed by this (because he knew I didn’t know this language) that it opened his heart for Jesus Christ.

I can tell you a lot about the gift of prophecy too. Many times I have experienced how I prayed for a person and uttered the words that God gave me in my spirit… and the person broke out in tears as the result of hearing these words.

I have had mature businessmen weep uncontrollably in my arms, as the result of prophetic words God spoke to them, through me.

God knows people in the depths of their being and can say those words that touch the deepest places of their hearts. No man can ever do this. No psychological trick can do this. The voice of God is very real.

I have also had several occasions where I prayed for a person I did not know and received detailed information form God about their life. These people are astounded when they hear me say these things. It shows them that God knows them, that God is very interested in them and that he has a plan with their life.

This happens all the time, all over the world, with literally millions of christians, in every christian denomination.

Besides prophecy and tongues there are many more gifts of the Holy Spirit, like workings of signs, wonders, miracles, interpretation of tongues, etc.

God is very real and the gifts of the Holy Spirit prove it!

Learn more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit!



Proof God exists:
The power of God

In every nation on the earth people testify of experiencing the power of God, that touched their body, to bring healing, deliverance or new strength.

power of god lightning

All over the world people are being touched by the power of God, with gloriously changed lives as a result. This happens everywhere – not just in the remote areas of Africa, where missionaries work, but also in the western world.

God is real and you can encounter him everywhere.

I wil tell a little bit about my own experiences with the power of God. In the article ‘Is God Real?’ you can read more about the power of God.

My wife and I hold conferences where we pray for people. Sometimes God does amazing things… Once I walked over to a lady, to pray for her. I stretched out my hand… and before I could even touch her, she seemed to be hit by lightning from heaven and she fell on the floor like a rock. I was shocked! Afterwards this lady came to me and said she had been healed of a horrible condition. Her life had been hell on earth, and now God had touched her with his mighty power and she was completely healed – on the spot!

Her husband gave his life to Jesus Christ when he saw what had happened. He was overwhelmed…

Once I ministered in a conference we organized and to my astonishement almost everyone whom I approached fell to the floor, overcome by the incredible power of God. I did not even touch most people. God touched them…

One day I prayed for a young man and he started shaking all over his body. The result of this touch of God on his life was that he deeply repented of his sinful life (he slept with several girls) and he became a passionate witness of Jesus Christ. In a very short time he led several people to the Lord. Now he pastors a church.

I have seen the power of God work in so many different ways.

Sometimes people feel the power of God as a burning heat on their body. I once prayed for a young man and he said it felt as if my hand would burn right through his body. God touched him so powerfully, that he repented from his sins and gave his life radically to Jesus.

I know some christians think this is from the devil. I can assure you that God is real and he is far more powerful than satan. Not very expression of supernatural power is demonic! Jesus Christ does not deceive us with his power. No, he sets us free!

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Proof God exists:
Transformed lives

One of the most amazing proofs that God exists, is the radical transformation that happens when a person truly gets to know Jesus Christ and starts following Him. The most hateful, selfish, nasty people become tender, caring and honest, who serve others with all their heart.

proof god exists lightAnother proof God exists is the reality of radically transformed hearts and lives. Many books and movies have been made to tell the countless stories of harsh, dishonest, cruel, selfish people who had an encounter with Jesus Christ – and who changed into in loving, self-sacrificial, humble and tender people, who express the very heart and character of God.

There is for example the famous testimony of Nicky Cruz who was a gang leader in New York, filled wit hatred, living a lifestyle of violence. He encountered Jesus Christ and became a loving evangelist, broken with the heart of God for the youngsters in New York who are lost in a world of drugs. He is one of countless examples.

I know a man who was a paramilitary commander, feared by the soldiers because he was so tough and aggressive. He was hard as a rock.

He encountered Jesus Christ and became one of the softest, most loving people I have ever met.

He and his wife have been working among the poor in Romenia for many years now, and they see God heal and transform many people there. My own life is also a testimony of how God changes people. In The Netherlands a TV documentary was made about my conversion, because God had so radically transformed me.

God is amazing. God is so real. God touches people and when he touches them they are changed forever.

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Proof God exists: 
Answered prayers

Millions of christians all over the world have stories of prayers that have been wonderfully answered by God. Answered prayers is an astounding reality that is experienced by everyone who truly follows Jesus Christ and abides in His love and His word.

proof god exists prayerOne of the first books I have written is about how God answers prayer. God spoke to me in a dream and instructed me to write a book that contains the most powerful answers to prayer that I had experienced in my life.

God told me: ‘Show the people that I am real.’

In my book I described my own answered prayers supplemented with the stories of other christians I knew. What I discovered is that every christian who walks intimately with the Lord Jesus Christ, has stories of how God wonderfully answered the cries of their heart. My own little book was of course not enough to list all these stories.

I will share one incredible story here, from my own life. When I met my wife, Renate, I was afraid… I had been in several relationships with girls before and every time I thought it was a gift from God – but my heart ended up broken. So when I met Renate, I was afraid the same thing would happen.

One night I asked God: ‘You need to give me an anchor for my soul. Please help me.’

That night we would drive from one town to another and I asked God an absurd thing: ‘When we are in the car, I want you to let Renate say out loud a bibleverse – out of the blue! But not just any verse, let her say the exact bibleverse I will tell you: ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16)’ I knew only God could do this. Renate was a recent convert and knew very little of the Bible. I was sure she didn’t even know this bible verse yet.

I knew only God himself could make this happen and if he did, it would be his answer to still my fears.

While driving in our car, I couldn’t wait to see what God would do, so I said impatiently: ‘Renate, let’s ask God for a bible verse, to encourage one another.’ Renate replied: ‘I am thinking of the verse “behold, I am making all things new, the old has passed away, the new has come.” I was very disappointed… That was NOT what I had asked God! Renate was tired (it was midnight) and she laid back in her chair to get some sleep.

I was wrestling with God: ‘I am sorry I tested You Lord, I should not have asked such a ridiculous thing…’ A little while later I heard Renate wake up. She said softly: ‘David, I constantly hear these words in my head. Is this a bible verse? Do you know it?’ Then she started repeating the words she heard: ‘God… so loved… the world… that he gave his only son… etc.’

She said the exact verse I had told God… and indeed, as I had asked: OUT OF THE BLUE!

I tried to ‘give God a little hand’ because I was afraid it would not happen… but he did it, exactly as I had asked. I know this may sound over the top for some, but this truly happened… and believe me: Renate and I have seen God do much more astonishing things than this. In the article ‘Is God real‘ I tell more about our experiences with God.

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Proof God exists:
Raised from the dead

All over the world people who are medically verified dead – sometimes they have been dead for days – come back to life, after  a christian prays for them. This happens all over the world, in many cultures… It is an amazing reality.

resurrection deadThe Bible contains several resurrections from the dead. Jesus Christ resurrected several people from the dead and he himself rose from the dead, to prove that he is the Son of God who gives eternal life to those who believe  in him.

But Jesus Christ also commanded his followers to not only heal the sick and cast out demons, but also to raise the dead.

Does that indeed happen today? Are people being raised from the dead?

If you would go to the ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique you would be absolutely stunned to hear how often people have been rises rom the dead in their ministry among the poor. They say they have stopped counting the instances where dead people came back to life, after somebody of their team prayed for them.

They counted at least hundred cases of resurrections and then stopped counting…

This is happening all over the world and we will hear more about this, as christians worldwide are starting to rediscover the commands that Jesus Christ gave us to raise the dead. God is the source of life and he wants people to live to the full.

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More proof that God exists

There is so much more that I could say about the reality of God. I encourage you to also read my article ‘is God real?‘ in which I describe how real God is to me and how many mind blowing miracles he has done in my life. God wants to show himself to you as well. So please seek him with all your heart.

Surrender your life fully to Jesus Christ. Do not allow anything or anyone to keep you from giving your heart completely to Jesus Christ. He is God who became man to save us from the sin of this world. God became a man to show us his love, to show us his power and to start a revolution on this planet.

God did not bring a religion, he brought HIMSELF.

He brought his love to us, his truth, his freedom. Jesus Christ said that every one who believes in him would be filled with the holy Spirit. When the holy Spirit fills us, we are filled with God himself and we can start living as children of God, led by his love and his truth.

worship god

If you long to know God, if you want to be forgiven for you sins, if you want to be filled with the holy Spirit, then I encourage you to take the most important step of your life and bow deep before God.

The most foundational sin of humanity is our pride against God. We think we don’t need God, we rebel against him, we want to be strong ourselves… But when you bow before God you say:

‘You are God, I am not. You are my creator, I need your forgiveness for my sins. Please come and save me.

I cannot save myself, I cannot become holy in my own strength, I cannot become your child through my own efforts, please God help me.’

Surrender your life to Jesus Christ, with all your heart. Don’t hold anything back, don’t try to stop him from working in you. Some people start to weep when God overwhelms them – don’t be afraid of his presence. I am a man, I have done kick boxing and karate and I wept before God as a little baby when he embraced me. Don’t be afraid to be REAL with God.

jesus christ salvation

If you want to encounter God as real as he is, then you must become real with God as well.

You can pray to God in your own words, or you can read out loud these words. Perhaps it is a good idea to print this payer and then read it:

“God, I know you are real, I give my life to you.

Lord Jesus Christ I know you are the Son of God, you gave your life to set me free from my sins.

Please forgive me, cleanse my from my sins and fill my heart and my life.

Holy Spirit I surrender to you, I give myself to you, please come and fill every place inside of me.

Heavenly Father, I am your child and you are my Father.

I give myself to you. I will serve you.’

This simple prayer is the start of a journey with Jesus Christ to the Fatherheart of God. He wil help you and guide you.

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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