Proof of evolution: this will shock you!

Is there proof of evolution? Like all of us I was indoctrinated with the 'fact' that we are the result of evolution. All life one earth, even the universe itself, is the result of coincidence, without any meaningful purpose at all. All my teachers said so, I heard it on TV, I read it in books and magazines,... Nobody ever seemed to question the theory of evolution, therefor I bowed my knees to this ideology and believed in it with blind faith.

proof of evolution science

Was my faith in evolution the result of honest and sincere investigation? Not at all. Like most of us, the only reason I believed there is proof of evolution, was because the great and enlightened minds of science – the high priests of the secular world – said so. I blindly believed them. Without questioning. I was a faithful follower of Darwinism, like everyone else.

Whenever I happened to come upon some weirdo who tried to tell me something else, I would label him ignorant and stupid. How could anyone be so dumb to ignore the overwhelming proof of evolution, presented to us by the great and mighty scientists who walked in the ultimate level of revelation and truth? No, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that all life in the universe was the result of blind chance and random natural processes. The only reason we are here, is because billions of years ago some molecules accidentally got together and from that time on more and more of these natural accidents happened, causing life forms to become more and more complex. We are the result of a series of cosmic accidents, nothing more.

How my faith in evolution got challenged

One day however my faith in evolution was several challenged. I had a heated discussion with a man who was so out of his mind – in my opinion – that he denied the proof of evolution and ** can you believe it? ** claimed all life was created by an intelligent creator. I was furious! When I left the room, an intelligent young lady gently approached me and with a smile in her eyes she said: ‘David, you should have a look at this book. It is written by a biologist.‘ She handed me a book that launched me on one of the most adventurous quests in my life. In the book a biologist explained that there is not as much proof of evolution as we are all led to believe and that the theory of evolution is even contrary to many foundational scientific realities. Wow… At first I thought: ‘This guy is insane, he is lying, he is twisting the facts, he is doing something to make me believe him…. What is it?’ So I began searching for the truth – truth that would eventually turn my world upside down.

You see, I never truly investigated the proof of evolution. The high and exalted ‘experts’ said evolution is a fact, so who was I to question it?

The arguments presented to me at school and in the media seemed solid, so I bowed down and kissed the feet of Darwinism, because it had enlightened the minds of the modern western world. I worshipped evolution as the glorious and divine answer to the burning question of mankind: ‘Where did we come from?’ But I never examined it. Now I was forced to check it out. Is this biologist lying? Or is he saying something that will turn me into an unbeliever? Will I be forced to rethink what I have always believed?

Searching for proof of evolution

proof evolution statueI dived into libraries, listened to long lectures, bought books and magazines, talked to teachers at several schools and universities… I wanted to find out: who is lying here? Who is not presenting the facts as they really are? Who is trying to mislead me? Or… who are deceived themselves, in such a way that they are dragging others along with them in their abbys of deception?

The more I studied it, the more I came to the disturbing conclusion: the so called proof of evolution is indeed not as valid as I had always believed. The theory of evolution even turns out to be opposite to several foundational realities of this world, it contradicts the most basic laws of nature…

Yet it is presented as the ultimate truth, the wonderful light that guides all true scientists, the answer to our deepest questions. This discovery made me angry. I realized how this world is being lied to by many of the most respected scientific establishments. I woke up, not from a bad dream, but in a horrific reality. While before I felt safe and strong in this world, knowing science is our great and mighty hero, showing mankind where to go, I suddenly saw that our foundations are not as solid as we all dream.

I can imagine that for some who read this article, this sounds insane. No problem, I know how you feel. I have felt this shock, this anger, this amazement too: ‘How can anyone in his right mind dare to write there is no proof of evolution?’ I have done the research: several years I read everything I could find, I went to the libraries, I asked tough questions to teachers and professors, I watched the documentaries, I visited the museums, I had a good, long look at the presented proof of evolution. And I was horrified. Utterly horrified… Because I saw how untrue it all is. And how easy it is to unmask it.

‘God is not an option’

But I was also confronted with another reality: most people to whom I tried to explain what I was discovering, didn’t want to hear it. They defended their faith in evolution with a surprising agression.

I encountered something beyond science, beyond reason, beyond facts… I encountered something deep within mankind: an irrational aversion against the idea of a God who has created us.

I even read quotes by well know evolutionists who openly said ‘we don’t have real proof of evolution, but the only option is God and that is not an option!’ I heard one evolutionary philosopher even say ‘I would rather die than ever believe in God!’ Wow… Is that objective science? No! It is irrational, emotional hatred, it is fighting with a passion against an idea and defending another idea, regardless of the facts.

‘No matter what the outcome of our research says, we will defend the theory of evolution, because God simply is not an option.’

Proof of evolution? Fact #1
Information and function require an external intelligent source

So, what is it that shook my faith in the theory of evolution so severely, that I became an apostate? I will try to summarize the most important facts into one article that you can easily digest. Then it’s up to you to investigate this matter deeper, if you want. First I will tell you something about information…

The very foundation of life is INFORMATION. This information is stored in our DNA, our genetic code.

The information stored in the DNA shapes every living being. It tells an organism how to function and do what it needs to do, in order to operate effectively. It is like the information in a computer program. What you must realize, is that the amount of information in living organisms is beyond anything you could ever imagine. A single living cell contains more information than our best software programs. Our best technological masterpieces cannot even come near to the most basic functions of a living cell, like duplicating itself.

proof evolution living cell

The level of complexity of a living cell is so enourmous, that the best scientists in the world cannot even imitate it. With all their intellect, with all their knowledge, with all their technology, they can’t even copy it, let alone create anything that comes near the high level of information, complexity and perfection that is found in a living cell. Some experts say that the living cell is like a universe in itself. Man is only beginning to discover this vast universe of information.

Where did this information come from? And who put it in the right order?

A basic scientific fact is that information never comes out of the blue. It always comes from another source. And in order to become functional, this information needs to be ordered just right. Think of this: billions of elements are all interconnected in such a way that it makes the most amazing functions possible: skin turning brown due to sunlight, wounds healing, eyes that change focus and adapt to light and darkness,… I could write a list here that goes on forever, explaining the countless spectacular functions of all living organisms. Making it possible for fish to breath underwater, birds to fly high in the sky and find their way without a map, insects to mate and reproduce new technological masterpieces (I always call insects tiny robots), etc.

Two basic rules in science are:

1) Information always comes from an external source.

2) Function always requires intelligent organization.

The theory of evolution says there is no intelligent source and there is no intelligent organization. So right from the very beginning, evolution goes radically against two of the most basic realities of our world: information and order both require an external source.

Proof of evolution? Fact #2
Mutations that add brand new, useful information do not exist

proof- volution dna

A second basic fact that shows there is no proof of evolution, is mutations. Mutations are errors that occur in our DNA. According to the theory of evolution mutations drive evolution: mutations have occurred in the DNA of very basic living beings, and eventually transformed them from fish to reptile, from reptile to bird, from ape to man, etc. Every living being on earth thanks its existence to mutations, says the evolutionist. Errors in the DNA. Nothing was intelligently designed, everything is the result of errors in the DNA, and natural selection picked the useful mutations. That way scales from fish changed into feathers of birds, gills turned into lungs, legs became wings, etc.

All technological masterpieces we see in nature (and there are millions upon millions of them, one even more astonishing than the other) are the result of errors in the DNA.

But the mutations needed for evolution are not just regular mutations. What type of mutations are needed to eventually turn a fish into a lion? You need a very specific type of mutation: a mutation that does not only change or delete the current amount of information. No, you need brand new information, that is completely different from what is already present in the organism. A snake has completely different information in its DNA than an eagle! Yet evolution says reptiles evolved into birds.

proof evolution birds

Just imagine the amazing amount of brand new information that is needed to turn a reptile into a bird! You need brand new information for the beak, the eyes, the stomach, the nervous system, the digestive system, the blood,… everything needs to be completely reprogrammed. The level of complexity we find in the design of birds is too amazing for words. Our best scientists still cannot duplicate it. One single feather is already a masterpiece of aerodynamical design. All this needs enormous amounts of new information. Like a book about automobiles that has to be rewritten completely to make it a guide to airplanes. Or a software program to make music that must become a program to design houses. The difference between a fish and a bird is even far greater!

So you don’t need regular mutations, you need countless mutations that add dazzling amounts of brand new information of an extremely high level of perfection, to reprogram living beings to eventually become something completely different.

Brace yourself now… You are about to read something you may find very hard to believe: these specific types of mutations needed for evolution have never been observed. What? Yes, please read it again, blink your eyes a few times, punch yourself to make sure you do not dream and realize this:

Mutations that add brand new, useful information have never been observed.

O yes, there are a few rare cases of mutations that cause re-ordering of the existing information in such a way that it can be seen as ‘new’. But it is no addition of new amounts of information. These are not the kind of spectacular mutations we need to change a fish into a bird. 99% of all known mutations are negative for the organism, not helpful at all. They are often a loss of information.

Of course there are mutations that help the offspring to survive better in their environment, like a bird born with a larger beak is suddenly able to eat larger nuts. But that is not new information: it is a change in the existing information. It causes variation in the bird, but it will not turn the bird into something completely different. Yes, there are mutations that cause variations within the boundaries of a kind, but that is not evolution. Evolution is the complete transformation of one organism to something 500% different, like a reptile changing into a bird. Get the picture?

proof evolution world

If evolution was true, information adding mutations should be observable everywhere, all throughout history. They would be the most observable phenomenon on this planet. Nobody would be able to doubt, because we would know: everything that exists is the result of these information adding mutations. But the truth is… scientists are still looking for them!

Think about the amazing complexity of nature. There are millions of completely different organisms. A lion is extremely different from a giraffe or a hippo, a frog is completely different from a dolphin or a penguin, a man is completely different from a dog or a goldfish, etc. The millions of species on earth all have their own genetic information. The amount of information adding mutations that are needed for these millions of living beings is incredible. It should absolutely be the most known phenomenon on earth, all through history. But it is not present, nobody has ever seen such a mutation.

And mutations are supposedly the driving force of evolution? Sorry, is this science or a fairytale? Who are we fooling?

More facts show there is no proof of evolution

There are many, many, many more facts like this. Facts about fossils, facts about earth layers, facts about dating theories, facts about the origin of man, countless facts… that all say the same thing: evolution is no proven fact, it is a theory that does not have a true basis in reality. I will not present all of these facts here, because that would become a book. But the two basic realities I have explained are already so clear, that it should at least set you on a course of daring to ask some hard questions about this so called ‘proven theory’ that is worshipped and defended by most of the scientific community.

Scientists must worship evolution

What I didn’t tell you yet is that there are thousands of scientists who reject the theory of evolution… But they are in trouble. Some have lost jobs, funding, respect… The moment scientists utter questions about evolution, they lose every chance of a succesful scientific carreer, because they are immediately labeled ‘religious’ and thus no longer trustworthy scientists, simply because they realize that evolution is not the final answer.

Clinging to an unproven theory is called scientific, and has even become the condition to be accepted in the global scientific comunity.

There is a documentary called ‘Expelled‘ where you can listen to interviews with scientists who have lost jobs, funding, positions, etc. because they dared question evolution. They asked the wrong questions. It is not allowed anymore to ask questions about the validity of evolution. You must believe it, confess it, preach it, otherwise you are not accepted in the scientific world. That is why you ONLY see the theory of evolution presented in musea, documentaries, science classes and you never see a huge, expensive exposition touring the world explaining that there is a Creator who made this planet and all living beings. You don’t see beautiful nature documentaries explaining all this stunning beauty has been created by an amazing Intelligence. No, that is called ‘religion’, so it gets no funding.

But the defense of an unproven theory, and the many efforts to convince the masses that it is proven, is funded by the government, TV stations, and the science community.

Silly, isn’t it? It seems too absurd to be true. But I have come to realize that this world is full of things that are too absurd to be true. Millions in the western world are dying because they eat too much, while most of the world is dying because of a lack of food. This world is full of absurdities. The theory of evolution and the way people are being indoctrinated by it, is one of them. Time to wake up. It’s better to be awake and live in truth (with the painful consequenses) than to live easy and lie to yourself (and others). Right?

Suggested books

These are some books you may want to read, if you want to know if I belong in a mental institution or if I am writing truth here. You find a few here: Refuting evolution (Jonathan Sarfati), Darwin on trial (Philip Johnson), Bones of contention (Marvin Lubenow), Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome (John Sandford). There are many more, but you have to start somewhere. Of course all these books are labeled as unscientific by the worldwide evolutionary establishment. But read them first and then judge for yourself.

Evolution is a religion

When you take a good look at the theory of evolution, well, there is one heck of a religion: blinding the eyes of the followers, making them furiously aggressive towards anyone who dares to believe otherwise, excommunicating anyone who asks hard questions and waging a ‘holy war’ to convert all mankind to their belief system, demanding blind faith in the trustworthiness of their enlightened high priests. The theory of evolution is not science. It abuses science to prove itself valid, but it is a religion without true foundation in reality. It’s strength is in the ignorance of mankind and the brainwashing techniques that are being used to create the illusion of being scientific. Billions of dollars are invested to create the illusion that evolution is proven. You see and hear it all through the media and the educational system. But it is mass-indoctrination. Nothing more and nothing less.

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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