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Proof of Heaven

Is there real proof of heaven?

Is heaven a real place or is it just an illusion? The only way we can answer this question, is by searching for undeniable proof of heaven. Are there people who have actually gone to heaven and who returned?

All over the world there are people who had the amazing experience of going to heaven and who were sent back to tell their story to the world. Their testimony provides the best possible proof of heaven we can wish for. Thanks to modern media it is now possible to give these people a voice, so their stories can be heard by others. On this page you can watch documentaries of some of the most well known, trustworthy and documented stories of experiences with heaven and hell.

I encourage you to watch these amazing testimonies of heaven.

These are real life stories, not just made up fairytales. Every story has been verified and was found to be reliable. These testimonies with proof of heaven confirm what the Bible says: God is real, He deeply loves us and His desire is that we would become His beloved children, who will be in His glorious presence forever.


Proof of heaven:
Ian McCormack: Glimpse of Eternity

proof of heaven testimonies stories ian mcccormackAs an atheist Ian McCormack didn’t believe in heaven or hell. He lived his life as if God didn’t exist, and spent a lot of time surfing and diving. One day, while he was having a good time in the ocean, he suddenly felt something smash into his forearm. It felt as if thousands of volts of electricity went through his body. He was stung by five deadly box jellyfish. These are so poisonous, that even one can kill a person in four minutes…

Ian tried to get to the hospital, but didn’t make it. He died.

Just before he passed away he suddenly had a bright vision of his mother, who was a passionate believer in Jesus Christ. Ian saw how she was praying for him with all her heart. Then he died… When Ian opened his eyes, he was in a very dark and fearful place. He tried to touch his face, but noticed that his hands went straight through his body. He couldn’t touch himself.

In the darkness he heard angry voices screaming at him. Ian realized he was in hell…

proof of heaven testimony ianBut while he tried to look around in this agonizing place, a bright light suddenly shined down and pulled him up. Jesus Christ took Ian and brought him to heaven. There he had an overwhelming experience of the wonderful love of God. Ian felt waves of love wash over him, and knew for the first time in His life that God is indeed love – true love. Ian wasn’t allowed to stay in heaven and God sent him back, to share his experience with others and tell them about Jesus Christ.

Ians testimony has become world famous and is powerful proof of heaven.

Watch the dramatic re-enactment of Ian’s accident and his experiences in hell and heaven and listen to Ian’s story during an in depth interview.

Re-enactment of Ian’s testimony in Mauritius, filmed in 2003:

Interview with Ian McCormack on the 700Club, in 2010:

the perfect waveDVD: THE PERFECT WAVE
A Surfer’s Glimpse Into Eternity

A beautiful movie has been produced from Ian’s experiences in heaven and hell. Buy it as a blessing for yourself and your loved ones or as a gift for somebody you care for. Available on blue-ray and DVD.

More info about this film


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Proof of heaven:
Kat Kerr: Revealing Heaven

kat kerr - proof of heavenKat Kerr has had the wonderful privilege of being taken into heaven several times by Jesus Christ. She says the Lord takes her on ‘tours of heaven’ and she received permission to share what she has seen there. Her message is especially encouraging for young people, because she explains that heaven is not boring or religious, but that it is actually the coolest place you can imagine! What she explains about heaven, God, Jesus Christ, angels and the afterlife confirms that the Bible is true. Being in the presence of God fulfills the deepest desires of our heart, to enjoy forever.

Heaven is the most fun place you can imagine…

Some people think heaven is going to be so boring, they don’t even wanna go there. But heaven is full of fun! Watch as Kat speaks about how cool actually heaven is. You really want to be nowhere else…

revealing heaven kat kerr

An Eyewitness Account
Kat Kerr

Read the astonishing and extremely uplifting eye witness account of Kat Kerr, in her book ‘Revealing Heaven’. This book shows you the heart of God and His love for you, in a unique way.

More info on this book


Proof of heaven:
Don Piper – 90 Minutes in Heaven

don piper - heavenDon Piper died in a terrible car accident and went straight to the gate of heaven. After many years of difficult rehabilitation, he was able to speak about his experiences in heaven. Now he is sharing his proof of heaven with the world, through his international ministry. His book ’90 minutes in heaven’ has been translated in several languages.

His experience proves that heaven is real.


90 minutes in heaven

A true story of death and life
Don Piper

After a devastating car accident, Baptist minister Don Piper is pronounced dead at the scene. During the next 90 minutes, he remembers hearing beautiful music, meeting those who had a spiritual impact in his life, and experiences deep peace–until suddenly he is brought back to “real life” through another minister’s prayer in this amazing true story.

More info on this book


Proof of heaven:
Robin Harfouche – Sound of Heaven

robin harfouche - heavenRobin Harfouche was predestined by satan to become a false prophets of the new age religion. She however ran away from the realm of darkness and encountered Jesus Christ in a miraculous way. God healed her from a terribe condition, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and she married a walking Bible encyclopedia: Dr. Chris Harfouche. Robin became a disciplined and faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

One day she was taken up in heaven…

Jesus Christ gave her insights to share with the world, on how to overcome sickness, pain and attacks from satan and how the glory of God will be released on earth through the Sound of Heaven…


Proof of heaven:
Colton Burpo – Heaven Is For Real

proof of heaven - colton burpoColton Burpo became severe sick at the age of four. Doctors could not help him. His parents were desperate. It seemed they would lose their little boy. One day, the young Colton started saying things he couldn’t possibly know… he had been in heaven and had met Jesus Christ.

Colton’s account includes seeing God’s throne and meeting relatives – including his sister who died in a miscarriage (whom his parents had never mentioned).

The story of Colin Burpo is so credible that he has been on TV many times to tell what he has seen and experienced in heaven. Sony Pictures has produced a movie about his visit to heaven, called ‘Heaven is for real’.

heaven is for real

A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Is there life after death? Just ask 4-year-old Colton, who emerged from life-threatening surgery with astounding details about heaven! Colton’s account includes floating away, looking down on his dad praying in the hospital, seeing God’s throne, and meeting relatives. Riveting!

More info on this book


An interview with Colton Burpo on US National Television

A 2012 updated version of the story of Colton Burpo

The story of Colton Burpo is so powerful that in 2014 an full length movie is produced by Sony Pictures based on his testimony, called ‘Heaven Is for Real’. This is the official trailer of this movie.

heaven is for real filmHEAVEN IS FOR REAL – FILM
Based on the incredible true story

Based on a true story! When 4-year-old Colton Burpo emerges from life-threatening surgery, he offers an astounding account of his journey to heaven—including things that happened before he was born. Can his parents find the courage and conviction to believe their son’s experience is true—and share it with the world?

More info about this film


Proof of heaven:
Mahesh Chavda – A Hindu sees Jesus in heaven

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Mahesh Chavda was raised in a Hindu family and his parents were respected Hindu priests. One day missionaries came to his home and gave him a Bible. Mahesh read the Bible and came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. But he was unable to give his live to Christ because of his strong Hindu family. One night he was taken into heaven where he encountered Jesus Christ personally. Since that time Mahesh is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. For the last decades he had a powerful and anointed christian ministry, with incredible miracles taking place.

mahesh chavda healing prayerBOOKS BY MAHESH CHAVDA

Mahesh Chavda has written several books, that have helped thousands of christians experience more of the healing power and loving presence of God in their lives.

More info about these books


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More proof of heaven

Of course there are far more testimonies than what I have listed here. If you search the internet, you will find amazing documentaries, that all confirm the message of the Bible.

An important question however, is: do all people go to heaven automatically? The answer is very logical: of course not. Heaven is God’s place. So it is normal that only people who truly love God will be with Him.

Those who hate God and who choose evil instead of good, will not be in heaven.

God however wants all of us in heaven. He loves us, no matter what we have done wrong and He wants to forgive us and make us His beloved children. That’s why He sent His Son Jesus Christ. I don’t know how much you know about Jesus Christ, but if you are interested in heaven, you also need to discover who Jesus is.

proof heaven savior

He is the Lamb of God who was slain, as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

That may sound weird to some who read this, but it is true. We are all sinful, none of us is perfect. We know this. If anyone would say he or she is perfect and without sin, this person is very dishonest. We all have lied, been selfish, we have hurt other people, we have unclean thoughts and desires, we are humans! We are imperfect.

The Bible calls this sin. Evil has entered this world because people opened their heart to it, and evil is at work in every single person on earth. Because of this darkness in our hearts, we can never be in heaven, in the presence of God who is absolutely perfect and holy.

The Bible says God is light and in Him there is no darkness (1 John 1:5).

Not only is it impossible for sinful people to be in the presence of a perfect and holy God, it is also impossible for us to have intimate fellowship with God here on earth, because of sin. Sin is like a wall that is standing erect between us and God. Many people say ‘well, if there is a God, where is he? I don’t see him, I don’t hear him, I don’t feel him? So there is no God…’

proof heaven wall sin

The truth is, that our sinful heart is a wall between us and God.

Therefor God sent Jesus Christ, to pay the price for us, so we could be set free from sin. I don’t know if you realize what this means: God became a mortal human being, and He allowed sinful men to torture, mock and kill Him.  Why? Because God loves us with a love we can never fully understand. Although God is completely holy and perfect, He is burning with deep love, and He wants to save us from the sins that defile us and make us into His forgiven, cleansed, reborn children, who are His precious beloved ones forever and ever, sharing in His amazing goodness and glory.

He is our Father. He has lost us because of sin and He wants us back in His arms and in His kingdom!

Jesus Christ therefor didn’t come to set up a new religion, as many people may think. Jesus came to set people free from the grip of sin and to bring us back in the loving arms of our wonderful heavenly Father. Jesus has come to pay the price for our lives!

We are all imprisoned in sin, we can never become holy by our own efforts. That is utterly impossible. We all need a savior, someone who saves us from the evil tendencies inside the depths of our hearts, that make us selfish and dishonest in sometimes the most secret ways.

That is exactly what Jesus Christ does: He came from heaven, and opens the way for us to become children of God.

heaven child god

When we believe the good news of Jesus Christ who paid the price for our sins, to make us children of God, we can receive the Holy Spirit. He is God in us and God with us. Jesus Christ said it was better for us that He would not stay in physical form on earth, because if He left, the Holy Spirit would come, and He will not only be with us, but He will be inside of us.

The Spirit of God is the most wonderful reality we can ever imagine: He pours out the life changing, healing love of God in our hearts. He transforms us from sinful people into loving people, who have one desire: love God and love people. The Holy Spirit is God Himself, living inside of us. He becomes our very best friend.

That’s why we can experience heaven on earth through Jesus Christ who sets us free and the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

I want to encourage you to read the articles about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, after you have watched the videos with proof of heaven.


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