Prophetic word about sin

The following message has been inspired by the Spirit of God, to help you overcome sin and be free in God's love and goodness.

overcome sin

This is a prophetic word, which means God is speaking through me, to encourage you. Read more about the gift of prophecy and the voice of God. I encourage you to open your heart for this word from the Father and let His love touch you and set you free, to be who you truly are, in Jesus Christ.

Note: this prophetic message is for people who surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and have become children of God. If you haven’t put your life in the hands of Jesus Christ yet, then I encourage you to first read this page about Jesus Christ and discover how He can set you free from sin and make you a royal son or daughter of God, who inherits all His blessings.

My beloved child,

I do not condemn you for your sin. I do not blame you. I am calling you to come home with Me. Here is where you belong.

You are not a part of this demonic filthiness and sin. You are way too beautiful and precious for this. You are way too costly and valued for this. You are a PRINCE or a PRINCESS. You belong in the royal courts of heaven. That is who you truly are.

I did not create you to live as a slave of sin and unclean spirits who abuse your body. I created you to become a holy, pure, glorious temple of My presence. You are a palace for ME, says the Lord Most high. You are a vessel of My beautiful love and goodness.

So kick sin out of your life, because I love you so much, says the Father. Kick sin out, hate it with every bit of your heart.

These unclean spirits hate you with all they are, says the Father. These spirits of lust and perversion have no love for you, says God. They hate you so much, they will use your body and then destroy every bit of your soul. Stop serving them, says God. Stop allowing sin to defile your heart and life.

You are too precious for Me. Too costly. Too beautiful. You are MINE, says the Lord. You are bought with a high price, the highest price there is: MY OWN BLOOD! I payed for you, with My own blood and life, says Jesus Christ.

I am the Lamb of God, that was slain for the sins of the world, so that whoever believes in Me, would have eternal life.

Believe in Me, says Jesus Christ. See Me, at the cross of Calvary, bleeding as a slain Lamb, for you. I paid for your life, says the Lord. I gave My own blood for you. I gave everything I have, for you.

I love you. I don’t hate you. I love you so much, says the Lord. I love you more than you will ever love yourself, says Jesus Christ.

I am your true Friend. I am your true beloved, the one who knows all about you, who knows all your sins and struggles, and who says: I am passionately in love with you. Just as a Father passionately loves His own precious child and will never ever abuse him or her.

I am our refuge, your hiding place, your shelter in the storm. When the struggle is too hard and you fall, come to Me, and I will cleanse you.

I will forgive all your sins, always and always.

I am for you, not against you. I came to set you free, not condemn you.

My friend, My beloved, My royal child, My Prince or Princess… see Me, see My heart for you, see my love for you, see how beautiful you are, in all eternity.

Stop believing the lies that you have no choice. Stop believing the lies that you must do these sins. No, you are a new creation in ME. I made you brand new, when you believed in Me, says the Lord.

sin freedom

So step out of this cage, step out of these chains of sin. They are loosened, they are broken, they have no power over you.

And be free. Live, live freely, live and love as a child of the Most High God of heaven and earth.

Live and be free. Live and rejoice. Live and sing to Me. Live and be glad. Because it’s a new day. It’s a new life for you.

I have blessed you forever and ever, to be My beloved child.

Come and have fun, in this life. Cast off the dark cloak of sin, that covered your heart and mind, and see My love for you. I am the sun, that shines brightly over you, to lift you up and give you joy. I am the sun that will always shine over your life. I am your God and your savior. Stand up. And come with me.

We will slay this horrible dragon of sin together.

Too long has it had an awful grip on you. Too long has it bitten and hurt you. Too long has it lured you into its pitfalls of sin. I have chose you to become a brand new person. I have chosen you and I have called you, to come into My eternal, glorious light. So come with Me. We will overcome this demonic monster and we will live forever together.

And if you rest in Me, and allow My love to become the foundation of your life, then I will give the love and fulfillment you long for says the Father, because I create you.

And I will make you fruitful.

– Jesus Christ and your Heavenly Father

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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