They want to rule the world… Will they succeed?

A small group of wealthy people want to rule the world, behind the scenes. They use media and politics and apply different techniques of mass manipulation. Will they succeed in their plans, or will they be ruled out by One who is higher than them?

rule the world

Are you also bombarded with ominous reports of Bill Gates who wants to rule the world through a microchip he plans to implant in the entire world population? And have you also seen the terrifying reports stating that the rich elite’s plan is to decrease the world’s population through all kinds of harmful radiation?

There are two things we can do if we come across information about those who want to rule the world: ignore everything and pretend it’s all a bunch of BS. That is the easiest way. Tucking our heads in the sand and laughing at the people who warn us. That’s an option we all have and it’s convenient. Simply call the people who spread these messages conspiracy theorists and we continue with our lives.

The second option is to do research, pray and think. That’s what I do myself. No, I don’t go along with every panicky hype. What I do is think quietly, pray earnestly and ask what God thinks about it. If the Lord leads me, I read some sober information here and there. But I discern what is silly talk and unbiblical ‘end-time’ doom and gloom thinking and what is actual reality. This attitude has brought me to the following position …

I believe there is a rich elite who want to rule the world and pull the strings behind the scenes.

They organize wars to weaken the peoples and enrich themselves. They control the major media and technology. They manipulate governments and influence world trade. They direct the major industries that poison humanity. Facebook, Google, Youtube, WhatsApp are all in the hands of a small group of people who work together with an ultimate goal: rule the world through a system of global control.

How the elite try to rule the world

rule the world control

Did you know that every conversation you have is monitored by Facebook via your smartphone? Did you know that they literally know everything about you and that all your information is stored in a database? I have noticed a few times that I spoke about a subject in our living room and a few moments later I saw advertisements on Facebook about exactly that subject! I also constantly notice that people with whom I have a telephone conversation are suddenly suggested to me as a friend on Facebook.

That means Facebook is tracking my private conversations and phone calls! Shocking, don’t you think?

These people also manipulate what may and may not be visible on the internet. They are for example collaborating with the Israeli secret service, which is constantly manipulating the internet, to only show messages they want humanity to see. Anything that goes against their plans is pushed down in the search results and hard to find. Sometimes it is even completely removed! For example, countless YouTube accounts that published revealing, informative videos have been removed in recent years. They simply call it ‘spam’, ‘scam’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ without any further explanation to the owners of these channels. Countless people are also being put in the so called ‘Facebook jail‘ which means they can’t do anything on Facebook for 30 days because they’ve posted something that goes against the strategy of this elite. I’ve experienced that several times. When I asked why I had been blocked from Facebook, I never got any explanation.

Corrupt media want to rule the world’s opinions

During the US election in 2016 you couldn’t find any positive messages about Donald Trump on the internet. Google and YouTube only showed that which put Trump in a bad light. They did everything they could to make the entire world population hostile to Trump. However, they did not succeed. To the great dismay of the media Donald Trump was elected president. That was impossible!

They believed they were ruling the whole world. But they encountered a power beyond all their media manipulation: GOD!

Since Trump was elected, he has constantly exposed the corruption of these media. If that’s all President Trump has ever accomplished, it would be phenomenal: as the only president in the history of mankind, he constantly speaks out against media corruption whose sole purpose is to manipulate the masses, to do what they want. As a result, many millions of people have woken up. Instead of blindly believing what the media present to the masses, many are now aware of the reality of ‘fake news’.

rule the world media

And with this I come to an important point of this article: yes, there is a corrupt rich elite, who performs the most horrific things in darkness, such as torturing children and drinking their blood to become younger themselves. Yes, there is a plan by this wealthy elite to thin out the world’s population. Yes, a lot of the radiation introduced into our societies are very harmful to humans, animals and the plant world. Yes, there is a worldwide network of Freemasons who want to rule the world behind the scenes. Yes, there is a great deal of evil that conspires in secret to enslave humanity.

Those are not conspiracy theories, it’s a bitter reality. That is my conclusion after doing research in recent years.

And yes, there is a strategy to take away all the power of the European countries and make them slaves of a small group of rulers. The true leaders of Europe were never elected by anyone, but have placed themselves at the top of Europe. They empty the pockets of the individual countries, to become themselves unprecedentedly powerful and to participate in the plan of the new world order. Yes, that is all true. But – and this is what matters – President Trump is living proof that there is a power that transcends everything. Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. What He has proven with the election of President Trump is staggering.

He is able to oppose the global manipulation of the media, and inspire people through His Spirit to choose a president who is radically against the plans of this wealthy elite.

President Trump is opposed to the plans of globalization, or the strategy to weaken the entire world and give all power to a small group of wealthy. Trump wants individual countries to become strong again. Because he is President of America, he strives for a healthy, strong and godly America. More than any president, this piece of hard rock (who makes many mistakes because he doesn’t always think about what he’s saying) brings God back into America’s society. He organizes one national day of prayer after another, stands up for persecuted Christians worldwide, wants the Bible and prayer to become central again in American society and so on.

Donald trump praying

As brutal as this hard knuckle is, he has a heart that humbles more and more before God and is used by God to expose the media and sabotage the plans of those who want to rule the world.

Is Trump perfect? No absolutely not. But despite his rough talk, his heart is sincere. The media has done everything – absolutely everything – they could to beat this man. But to their indescribable shock, all their efforts were futile. When Trump was elected, his enemies decided to impeach him by making up a dirty story. That was predicted years ago by the prophet Kim Clement. He prophesied that Trump would become president and said, “And they’ll be shouting ‘IMPEACH! IMPEACH! But they will fail.” Just as God predicted it happened. The attempt to impeach President Trump failed miserably.

Only one can truly rule the world: Jesus Christ

So… what do I want to say here? There is more in this world than Bill Gates and the wealthy elite who want to enslave man and murder half the world’s population. There is more to it than demons who want to suppress and destroy humanity. There is more than the strategy of the Freemasons to establish a world government to bring mankind under the authority of a false Christ. There is much, much, much more going on.

Jesus christ rules the world

There is a King who transcends everything. What He wants happens.

If He is going to blow with His Spirit, no media giant with all his manipulation, no Freemason with all his rituals, no Satanist with all his sacrifices, no magician with all his tricks, no government leader with all his corruption and no false preacher with all his deceptions can stop Him.

There is a Lord who is above all, who is the name above every name, the King above all kings. He has conquered the powers of darkness.

He died on the cross and took away the weapon of darkness: the guilt of mankind. Instead of our guilt, He brought grace and forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation. There is no charge against us now. We are acquitted by His blood. Thanks to the blood that this King has shed to acquit us of our guilt, we can now rise as sons of the Most High. We are cleared of guilt and clothed with a royal robe. God puts a crown on our head and a ring on our finger and says:

You are My royal children.

You have been redeemed by Myself, by My own blood.

You have been cleared of the debt.

The enemy no longer has the right to oppress you.

My blood paid the price.

What does that mean?

rule the world freedom

That there is a King who establishes a people. A free people. A people of kings and priests. An anointed and blessed people. A people of warriors who rise with Him against the power of evil.

Jesus Christ said to the church,

‘To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.’ (Revelation 3:21)

Do you understand what that means? Sit on the throne with Christ and rule with Him? Wow … Bill Gates doesn’t want that. Facebook and Google don’t want that. The evil, selfish government leaders don’t want that. The big wealthy industrialists do not want that. The Masons don’t want that. The demonized preachers who spread false teachings don’t want that. Rule with Christ? Never! So they invent everything they can to suppress the children of God. “We are the boss, we are more powerful, we overcome, we are greater, we dominate you!” They shout with all their might. Endtime preachers cry out, “Satan is more powerful than ever, we can’t do anything against him. Our only hope is to be raptured away!” Thus they disarm and weaken the sons of God.

Rather than creating an army that dispels darkness, they take away the victory of God’s warriors and pretend that darkness is unbeatable. Attack on God’s army from within!

Evil spirits inspire countless Christians around the world to spread all sorts of articles that sow fear and discouragement. The antichrist is coming! The world is going down. We are all doomed. Come Lord Jesus and get us out of here quickly please. But they don’t succeed … Because there is a Lord who rises above everything. He rules, not those foolish wicked ones who consider themselves king. This Lord speaks with His Spirit to the hearts of those who walk close to Him and He says:

See Me in all My glory and power.

Have I suddenly fallen from My throne?

See Me in all My strength and victory.

Am I the loser who has to make do with evil?

See Me in all My wisdom and greatness.

Have My plans failed and does the devil win over me?

See Me and conquer.
See Me and be thankful.
See Me and be cheerful.
See Me and trust.
See Me and rise in My strength.

I am much higher than those wicked ones.

I am way above them.

Come to Me and stand beside Me.

See My future.

The future of hope and recovery.

The future of victory and breakthrough.

The future in which I am the central Lord of this world. Not in a political way, but through My Spirit in the hearts of people who serve Me.

Whatever may happen, see Me, see My power, see My future.

I am victorious and I remain victorious.

I am the savior and I remain the savior.

So lift up your head.

“Lord, how can we rule with You?”

Worship Me with all your heart. Then you see everything correctly.

Only in the light of my glory and victory can you correctly assess the situation on earth.

If you let yourself be influenced by the doomsday mentality of the enemy, you will see everything wrong.

Then you will also misunderstand and misinterpret My Word.

First of all, see My great victory and majesty. That is the basis for your whole life.

Therefore, worship Me with all your heart. Focus your inner self on Me and dance before Me, cheer for Me, sing a song of praise to Me with all your heart.

That is a tremendous blow in the face of the enemy. If My people are not trembling, but exuberantly shout for Me.

Then speak My Word with power.

Freedom, victory, healing.

Speak truth that frees people.

Speak words that equip them to become strong in Me.

Set up My army, which will stand in the Spirit and stop the enemy.

Raise up sons of Me who will live by My Spirit and who will set fire to the enemy’s plans like a burning flame.

I will guide you to light My fire in the enemy’s camp.

But the key is that you are led by My Spirit.

That you see Me in My glory and power.

That you don’t participate in the dark fear of the enemy.

For many who believe they warn My people are in fact only instruments from the enemy: they spread messages without hope, without outcome, without resolution, without seeing Me in My greatness. They thereby glorify the enemy instead of Me. They focus people’s attention on darkness, not light.

Don’t participate in that.

Speak truth, but from My Spirit of victory and freedom.

Raise up an army of sons of God who will stand and bring My fire upon the enemy. An army led by My Spirit.

Not religion of men, no religion of the enemy, no doom thinking and fear-preaching, no abuse of My Word to bring the defeated enemy back to life.


An army that knows Me as Who I am:

the name above all names, who is in your midst.

I will reveal to you My majesty. Then from you I will reveal my majesty to the world.

Jesus Christ,
the Lord lords and King of kings.

Scriptures about ruling and reigning with Christ

“Then the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people, the saints of the Most High. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him.” (Daniel 7:27)

“Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? Do you not know that we shall judge angels?”
(1 Corinthians 6:1-3)

“If we endure, We shall also reign with Him.
(2 Timothy 2:12)

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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