Are science and God two opposites? Does science proof there is no God? Not at all. In fact, true science confirms the existence of God in every way. Many thousands of scientists worldwide are passionate believers in Jesus Christ. In this category you can see why scientists have no problem believing in God, but even use the gift of science to discover more of God in this world.

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Proof of evolution: this will shock you!

Is there proof of evolution? Like all of us I was indoctrinated with the ‘fact’ that we are the result of evolution. All life one earth, even the universe itself, is the result of coincidence,

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scientific proof of god featured

Scientific proof of God

Is there scientific proof of God or does science prove God does not exist?

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Evidence of the flood

Is there evidence for the flood of Noah? Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling, explains six geological evidences for the global flood.

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