Scientific proof of God

Is there scientific proof of God or does science prove God does not exist?

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Is there scientific proof of God or does science prove God does not exist?

Secular media and education want you to believe there is no scientific proof of God. But the reality is science provides a lot of evidence for the existence of God. Although we have been told that faith in God and science can’t go hand in hand, the truth is they are closely intertwined with each other. Science supports the existence of God and God encourages the development of science. Science and God are close companions! Thousands of scientists today are passionate believers in God. They say science points them toward God and God helps them practice good science. As Albert Einstein said:

‘Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.’

What is the scientific method?

Scientific evidence is obtained using the ‘scientific method’. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the scientific method: ‘…consists in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.’ So the scientific method takes the following steps:







The question is: can we use the scientific method to obtain evidence for the existence of God?

If God exists, then he is beyond doubt the most powerful reality there is, since he created the entire universe. Obviously it should not be hard to prove the existence of the most powerful reality there is, right? Indeed, you are about to see there is strong scientific proof of God, obtained by using the scientific method of observation, measurement, experiment, formulation and testing.

The scientific proof of God

The main characteristic of God is, that he is the creator of the universe and all living organisms. Every living organism consists of many COMPLEX, FUNCTIONING SYSTEMS. For example our eyes, brains, digestive system, nervous system, our blood circulation, skin, lungs, kidneys, and so on. The human body consists of thousands of COMPLEX, FUNCTIONING SYSTEMS, that operate perfectly.

scientific proof god systems nature

What does science show us about the origination of complex functional systems? Can they arise WITHOUT the influence of external intelligence? Or does science prove that a complex functioning system REQUIRES an external intelligence? We will apply the scientific method to find an answer to this question.

OBSERVATION shows us that no complex functional system ever arises without the help of external intelligence. Whether it is a watch, a computer, a car or a smartphone, every and all complex and functioning systems always require external intelligence to arise. Thousands of years of observation by the human race, shows us that a complex functioning system never arises without the influence of external intelligence.

MEASURING reveals that this external intelligence is required in every step of the building process of a complex functional system. Without the ongoing guidance of the external intelligence, the creation of the functional system is interrupted and corrupted.

EXPERIMENTS all have the same outcome: no complex functional system ever originates without the continual guidance of an external intelligence.

So we FORMULATE the hypothesis that no complex functional system will ever arise without the ongoing guidance, from beginning to end, of an external intelligence. The external intelligence has to imagine the system, gathers the different elements to build it, these elements must be exactly right in size, weight and material, and he then fits them together in orde to make the system function.

We can MODIFY our tests as much as we want, to see if the outcome will be different. But thousands of years of experience shows us that for the creation of complex functional systems there is always an external intelligence required.

What we also observe and measure, is that the more complex a system is, the more external intelligence is required to create it.

scientific proof god exists intelligence

A little child has enough intelligence to build a toy car that can move when the child pushes it forward. But it can’t build a real car with an engine and electric circuits. That requires more intelligence. So observation, measuring, experimenting and testing also shows that a higher level of complexity within the functioning system, requires more external intelligence to create it.

Humans have enough intelligence to create dead machines, like watches, computers, cars, and so on. These machines perform several tasks. But they are limited. They for example can’t duplicate themselves, they can’t grow, and so on. These functions require systems of a complexity that demand a level of intelligence that exceeds the human capabilities. Nature consists of millions of complex functioning systems that not only can look, hear, communicate, run, fly or swim – they can also heal when damaged, they can grow, they can multiply themselves, and so on. Again: these functions require much more intelligence than the human mind possesses.

So applying the scientific method to prove the existence of God, reveals two facts:

– since we observe that no complex functioning system ever originates without the ongoing guidance of external intelligence, there must be an external intelligence who caused the creation of the countless complex functioning systems in nature.

– since the level of complexity of the functioning systems in nature exceed the capabilities of humans to create them, the external intelligence required for the creation of nature is of a much higher level.

These two realities are profound and undeniable scientific proof of God. I know that many who hate the idea of a God, will do all they can to escape this reality. But no matter how hard we yell that it is not true, no matter if we stand on our head or throw rocks at those who point out this scientific truth, it won’t change it one bit.

The truth will always remain: science proves without a shadow of a doubt that God exists.

The only question is: are we willing to use science honestly? Are we willing to truly look at the outcome of scientific reasoning? Or do we use science in a dishonest way? In my observation mankind is guilty of abuse of science. Many claim they ‘only believe in science’, while in fact they close their eyes for true science… and believe in theories that are in essence contrary to science, as you will see in the next chapter: is there scientific proof of evolution?

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Is there scientific proof of evolution?

Can the scientific method be used to prove evolution? Evolution is the heartbeat of atheism. It is the ultimate weapon of those who deny the existence of God: ‘Science proves evolution, so there is no need of any God.‘ Is it true that science proves evolution? In order to find out, it is crucial to understand the following:

The core of evolution is a specific type of mutations: mutations that add brand new, functional genetic information.

Simple organisms with very little genetic information supposedly evolved into a multitude of complex organisms with extremely high amounts of genetic information. This gigantic transformation happened, according to the theory of evolution, through a very specific type of mutations: mutations that add brand new and functional information to the genetic code of the organisms. That is evolution. The addition of dazzling amounts of completely new and useful genetic information. Thanks to these types of mutations, all living organisms have originated from one original living cell. Now hold on, take a deep breath and read this:

These kinds of mutations have never been observed anywhere on our planet.

scientific proof god mutations evolution

There are many types of mutations, but all of them either change the existing genetic information or delete information. Mutations that add brand new useful genetic information, causing one organism to eventually transform into a completely different organism, have never been observed in our world.

Have you got any idea what this means? This means that, according to the scientific method, the theory of evolution is completely unscientific. It has no foundation in observations, measurements or experiments. The most important element of the theory does not exist. No observation, no measurement, no experiment, no test has ever revealed the existence of mutations that add brand new useful information.

Hundreds of years of scientific research have never shown one single mutation that adds brand new useful genetic information.

According to the theory of evolution, these mutations should however be the most prominent phenomena on the planet! Because the hundreds of millions of different kinds of plants, animals, insects etc. were supposedly created by these types of mutations.

Although many scientists declare that science has proven evolution, the truth is the opposite. True science proves that evolution is an illusion. Evolutionary scientists can come up with so called evidence for evolution, but all they have is material they have interpreted according to an unproven theory, that is in radical contrast with reality. If the foundation is wrong, everything else built upon it, is wrong.

Conclusion: science proves God and denies evolution

This will be quite a shock for many who read this, but it is the reality all of us should be willing to acknowledge:

1) science proves the theory of evolution wrong.

2) science proves the existence of God.

Yet most people believe faith in God is unscientific and faith in evolution is scientific. How is this possible? Through mass manipulation and indoctrination. Not all we learn at school and in the media is truth…  A lot of what is pumped in the brains of the masses is controlled behind the scenes, driven by the agenda of secularizing the world. Many atheists claim they are advocates of free thinking, but in reality they close the minds of people for free thinking. They create the illusion that science makes God redundant, while the opposite us true: science makes God inevitable.

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More scientific proof of God

scientific proof god more evidence-

Another definition of the scientific method is ‘a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.’ Put simply, science is observation of realities and trying to understand them.

When we apply this definition of science to research the existence of God, we find even more scientific proof of God.

The world and the universe are absolutely filled with realities that are observable and which lead scientists to the conclusion their origin is beyond the natural world. That’s why world famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton firmly believed science pointed towards God (read more about their faith, further on in this article).

When we apply this scientific method to for example the phenomenon of healing miracles, that occur worldwide, and we investigate them, we eventually acquire new knowledge, namely that a supernatural force exists which possesses more healing capabilities than medical doctors have. It is therefor no surprise that many medical doctors firmly believe in a God who heals the sick. The World Christian Doctors Network is a network of medical doctors worldwide who ‘…actively search for cases of divine healing, documenting it as authentic using medical evidences and present these cases in medical conferences.’ (Reference)

scientific proof god medical evidence

Their website contains hundreds of case studies of divine healing, backed up with medical evidence.

Healing miracles are a real phenomenon, all over the world. Honest science will not close its eyes for this reality, but will INVESTIGATE IT and ACQUIRE NEW KNOWLEDGE, which leads to the CORRECTING of previous knowledge. That is what this network of christian medical doctors do. The outcome of their scientific investigation is that there is indeed a supernatural force who acts when christians pray for the sick, with complete healing of the physical condition as a result.

Atheistic medical doctors simply deny these realities, which is of course not a scientific approach.

Science is after all not closing your eyes to phenomena, but investigating them, in order to acquire new knowledge, which you can then integrate into your current knowledge. So when a scientist is willing to look at several healing miracles, and observes that these healings are the result of a supernatural force, this is also a scientific proof of God.

Healing miracles can be observed all over the world. They can be measured, to see if indeed a healing has taken place, without natural means. And this can be repeated over and over again. The outcome of this scientific research is that healing miracles are real, which proves that when christians pray to God for a healing and it happens, we can conclude that science proves the existence of God. That is honest application of science.

When scientists however close their eyes for obvious realities, they are no longer worthy to be called scientists.

Because then they do the opposite of science: instead of being willing to investigate phenomena and acquire knowledge, they deny them and refuse to learn something new.

More observable evidence for the existence of God can be found on the page PROOF GOD EXISTS. 

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Famous scientists who believed there is scientific proof of God

Many of the most brilliant pioneers of modern science believed in God. Here you find a small selection of the thousands of scientists throughout history, who were convinced there is more evidence pointing toward the existence of God, than there is to support atheism.

scientific proof god evidence isaac newton

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) for example is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time. He discovered gravity and the laws of motion that form the foundation much of modern physics. Newton was deeply convinced that nature provides overwhelming scientific proof of God. His book ‘Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy‘ laid the foundations for classical mechanics. Appended to this book, Newton wrote an essay called ‘The General Scholium’, in which he stated:

‘This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent being. And if the fixed Stars are the centers of other like systems, these, being formed by the like wise counsel, must all be subject to the dominion of One. […] This Being Governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all.’

Reference: The General Scholium online, trans. Andrew Motte, 1729

scientific proof evidence god albert einstein

Albert Einstein (1879–1955) is considered the most influencial scientist of the twentieth century. Einstein caused revolutions in the scientific understanding of time, gravity and the conversion of matter into energy. In 1921 he won the Nobel Prize for physics. He was so intelligent, that the word ‘Einstein’ has become synonymous with ‘genius’.

Einstein was convinced there is scientific proof of God. He said ‘God reveals himself in the harmony of what exists.’

In a personal letter to a sixth grade student Phyllis Wright, Einstein wrote:

‘Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.’

Reference: ‘Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein’s Letters to and from Children’, Edited by Alice Calaprice, page 127-129, Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York, 2002.

Although Einstein never committed to a certain religion and he didn’t seek a personal relationship with God, he did long to know how God created the universe, as he wrote in a letter:

‘I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.’

Reference: ‘The life and Times of Einstein’, Ronald W Clarck, page 18-19, The World Publishing Company, New York, 1971.

scientific proof god max planck

Max Planck (1858-1947) was one of the most important German physicists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He developed the quantum theory, which revolutionized scientific understanding of the atomic and sub-atomic worlds. He won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1918. He made many other contributions to physics. In 1937 Planck held a lecture called “Religion and Naturwissenschaft” in which he said that God is everywhere present. He often spoke about God, and said:

‘Both religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations… To the former He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized world view.’

Reference: Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers as translated by F. Gaynor (1949), p. 184

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Video’s with scientific proof of God

The following video’s show there is scientific proof of God. I invite you to be honest and courageous, while you watch these videos. Honest in the sense that you are willing to truly consider the facts you will learn. And courageous to admit that not everything you have been taught, is as true as many want you to believe. Most of us live in so called ‘free’ countries, where everybody is convinced they believe what they want to believe. But the truth is we often believe what the media and secular education forces upon our minds.

scientific proof of god indoctrination

Without realizing it, we are indoctrinated by media and education.

Atheists like Richard Dawkins like to declare that people are to ‘think for themselves’. But if you listen carefully to Dawkins his repeated message is actually:

‘You are only considered an intelligent human being, if you deny the existence of God. If you dare to even think about the possible existence of a God, then I will label you as ignorant, religious and unscientific.’

That is of course not freedom of mind, but intimidation that closes the minds of millions of people for true scientific, logical and honest thinking. This type of indoctrination is currently very dominant in the western world, forcing the masses to think what a small group of people want them to believe.

The following video’s will open your eyes for the reality that science is not opposed to God and there is strong scientific proof of God.

In fact, true science will always lead us to acknowledge the reality of God, who has created this world. I hope you will take some time to watch these eye-opening video’s. And share them with your friends please.

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I also encourage you to sign up to GOD IS REAL, to discover how amazingly real and beautiful God is and how you can experience him in your daily life. He loves you passionately and longs to fill you with his love. 

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Scientific proof of God
What is the evidence for God? – Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

Stephen C. Meyer (Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science) is a well known philosopher of science, and one of the leading advocates of the Intelligent Design movement. He is one of the many renowned scientists in our time who reveal there is indeed strong scientific proof of God. In these interviews Stephen explains what this evidence for God is.

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Scientific proof of God
Ultimate proof for the existence of God – Dr Jason Lisle

In this video Dr. Jason Lisle (PhD Astrophysics) presents wat he calls ‘ultimate proof for the existence of God and the truth of creation.

Dr. Jason Lisle graduated summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University where he double-majored in physics and astronomy and minored in mathematics. He earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado. Dr. Lisle specialized in solar astrophysics and has made a number of scientific discoveries regarding the solar photosphere and has contributed to the field of general relativity.

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Scientific proof of God
The case for a Creator – Several scientists

Lee Strobel is a journalist who believed science proved there is no God. Through a deeper investigation of science he however gradually came to the discovery that science actually proves the existence of God. Strobel produced the film THE CASE FOR A CREATOR to show how scientific evidence from molecular biology, astronomy, physics, cosmology, paleontology, and genetics points clearly to the existence of God.

In this film leading scientists are interviewed, like philosopher of science Stephen C. Meyer, who is also the director of the Center for Science and Culture and the Discovery Institute. Other well known scientists in this film are Paul Nelson (Adjunct Professor in the Master of Arts Program in Science & Religion at Biola University), Jonathan Wells (PhD Molecular and Cell Design), Michael Behe (professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania), Guillermo Gonzalez (Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Ball State University) and several other scientists. Together they provide a very strong case for a creator.

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Scientific proof of God
Scientific evidence for God’s existence

This documentary shows that the existence of God can be seen in nature and science. The scientists in this film are some of the highest regarded in the scientific community. They explain why there is scientific proof of God.

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Scientific proof of God
Has science discovered God?

This video explores the latest discoveries from physics and astronomy on the universe and biology and DNA and how these relate to the existence of God.

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Scientific proof of God
Creation is a scientific fact

Everything that begins to exist has a cause. Since the universe began to exist it has a cause. Natural forces couldn’t have produced the universe. There were after all no natural forces prior to the Big Bang. Nature was created at the Big Bang. That means the cause of the universe must be something beyond natural forces, something supernatural.

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