I’m sorry…

Saying 'I am sorry' is a major key to healing of your heart and restoring relationships.

i am sorry

Can you say these life changing words? ‘I am sorry!’ In this daily devotional God is asking us to look into our own heart and see if we have hurt other people by our sin or selfishness. This is a major key to inner healing and restoration of precious relationships. Enjoy this free devotional and share it with others!

I’m sorry…

Have you ever been hurt by other people?

I am sure you have.

But… have you also hurt other people?

I am sure you have.

I have found something to be very crucial in all our lives.

We are all hurt by others, and we all hurt others.

We make mistakes, we fail, we are selfish and not always honest.

This can cause tremendous pain and suffering.

Let me tell you this:

God created all of us as LOVE BEINGS.

We are designed to florish in an environment and in relationships of LOVE.

But sin has changed our hearts from loving people into selfish people.

All of us.

Not just a few.

All of us.

We all suffer from selfishness and sin.

Even the nicest people, that seem to be like angels, can suddenly do things or say things that causes deep pain into the hearts of others.

The key to healing

The Father wants His children – you and me – raised in such a way that we deeply look at our own hearts.

It’s very easy to always feel sorry for ourselves, because others have hurt us.

The Father understands this perfectly. He is with us and He understands and He wants to heal our hearts.

But besides that, we also must be honest about our own actions.

Where have we been dishonest?

We are all dishonest in certain situations.

Some more than others, but all of us have a level of dishonesty, that causes us to deny our mistakes and put all the blame on others.

We have a responsibility to look at ourselves…

Have we hurt others, because we were selfish, dishonest or proud?

When we humble ourselves, look into the light of God and allow Him to show us where we have to change, then that opens doors for a level of happiness every human is looking for.

Admitting our own mistakes and sins, is a major key to healing and happiness!

key healing

Saying sorry prevents bitterness

Have you ever noticed how bitter many older people have become?

I used to work in a retirement home, during summers, and I was amazed at the deep bitterness some people had.

It was often their own choice.

They blame everybody else – their children, their colleages, their neighbors, society, etc.

But they never looked at their own choices.

A hardened heart is a very unhappy heart.

God wants to make our hearts soft and tender.

That’s what His love is all about.

Allow His love to make you vulnerable, honest, transparent and humble.

I am sorry!

Can you say ‘I am sorry?’

That is like the most powerful word in the world, apart from ‘I love you.’

Can you say this?

‘I am sorry!’

This word changes lives like nothing else.

I encourage you to be really deeply honest.

Actually, I invite you to be brutaly honest with yourself.

Allow the Holy Spirit to convict you, in His deep love for you, where you should say ‘I am sorry’ to people.

Don’t allow abuse

I don’t mean that you should allow others to take advantage of you.

Some of us need to protect ourselves from others, because we would say ‘sorry’ all the time, and submit ourselves to the manipulation and abuse of some wicked people.

If that is you, then this message is not meant for you.

I am speaking to those who need to become honest and dare to allow the Holy Spirit to show you where He wants to bring healing.

By saying ‘I am sorry.’

By humbling yourself.

By becoming the one who is honest.

Start going to people and simply say these powerful, life changing words:


It works miracles.

It sets you free.

And it frees others.

It opens your heart for so much more of God.

Say ‘I am sorry’ to God. And say ‘I am sorry’ to your fellow humans.

It changes your life, more than anythings else.

Be honest. Admit your mistakes. Even admit your most foolish acts of stupidity.

If you can do that, it cleans up the mess in your heart and sets you free to move forward with God.


Never manipulate

Don’t manipulate others to do what you want them to do.

Don’t try to control others.

Don’t blame them for not doing what you wanted or needed

Set them free.

And be free yourself.

Say ‘I am sorry’ in truth!

Some people come to you and say ‘I am sorry’, but their heart is wicked, and they only say it so they can abuse you again.

You can always extend forgiveness, but never allow abusive people back into your life, unless they have shown true repentance and transformation.

Be aware of people who use forgiveness to manipulate others. And don’t do it yourself either.

Be true! Be honest!

Don’t play games. God sees it and He hates it when we act as if we repent, but don’t mean it. That is hypocrisy.

So when you say sorry, make sure you mean it.

Be really honest.

Don’t play games with God, yourself and others.

True freedom


Never use people. Never play victim, never demand pitty.

Be free. And set others free.

Cast our cares on God for He cares for you.

Don’t force people to care for you.

Let God do it.

And do what you can do: admit your own mistakes, ask forgiveness, do what you can to bring restoration.

And let go of others. Don’t force them to do what you want. Set them free to make their own choices.

Only then can they truly make a right choice.

Freedom brings amazing healing.

And it allows God to work.

So let go.

And be free!

Bible verses about forgiveness

‘Those who conceal their sins do not prosper, but those who confess and forsake them obtain mercy.’
‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’

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