This is more precious than gold and silver!

Allow Me to make you purer than the purest gold, so all heaven and earth wild see My goodness in you. Not the words about My goodness, but MY CHARACTER of goodness in you. This is so much more precious than the greatest riches in the world.

Stay in touch with Me.

I know how hard it can be, My child.

I see the struggle in your life.

But I encourage you to stay in touch with Me.

I am the source of life.

You need love, life and joy.

You need My very being to fill our heart.

Without Me, you end up in stress, fear, anxiety and sin.

So stay in touch with Me.

I have so much love for you.

You are called to be My child, who knows Me, from the depths of your heart.

Stay close to Me.

Take time to close your eyes, and open your heart and allow My Spirit to fill you again.

This is the great secret of true life in abundance: living in My presence.

Don’t seek life in abundance in an earthly, outwardly way.

The true life is found in Me.


Can you understand this?

True life flows from Me.

My Spirit gives it to you.

So shut out the many noises from the world.

Calm the storm inside your heart.

Stop running around in your mind.


And listen to Me.


Green pastures

My presence of peace

My stillness and My sweet presence is a calm, soothing wind, that brings you to the refreshing waters of life and the green pastures of peace.

When I say that I am the Good Shepherd who leads you to green pastures, I am not talking about litteral pastures of green grass.

I am talking about the deep inner peace that My Spirit gives you, when you surrender your cares and worries to Me.

Allow Me to be the Shepherd who leads you.

Even through the valleys of the shadow of death.

Even through the narrow canyons with the sharp, painful rocks all around.

Even through the rushing waters of trouble and trial.

Even through all of that…. I am the GOOD Shepherd, and I lead you – through it all – to the green pastures.

Does this mean the circumstances always change right away?


I make you an overcomer, right in the midst of it all.

I give you the deep peace, joy and hope, in the midst of the storm.

This is a great secret, My child.

I lift you up, on eagles wings, where you can soar over the storm.

What does this mean?

That you no longer walk oppressed and burdened by the circumstances, but you have focused your heart once again on Me, who cares for you.


eagle soaring in sky


When you do this, you rise up on My wings, as an eagle.

You rise up on new confidence, trust and vision.

Look at Joseph, in the Bible.

He was betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused by his master and thrown in jail.

Innocent, yet locked up.

I ministered to his wounded and broken spirit, in the depths of the darkness.

I whispered to his heart, how much I love him.

I encouraged him, among the thieves and murderers.

I spoke to him and he was lifted up, above his dark surroundings.

I spoke LIFE to him, so his death would be turned around.

This is what I do with you too, My child.

I whisper HOPE toy you.

I whisper PEACE to you.

I whisper JOY to you.

And I lift you up.

So stay in touch with Me.

Don’t allow the TV, the busy activities, the noise of the world and the inner turmoil to pull you away from Me.

Stay in this deep inner connection with Me, where I can whisper to you and lift you up.

I will lead you through the waters, the storms and the valleys to a mountaintop where you will see My glory afresh and in a brand new way.

And you will come through, full of My love.

This is what the world needs.

No people with knowledge and words about Me.

The world needs people who have been purified by the fire, cleansed by the waters and who have become pure at heart, pure at soul, pure in mind and who are a radiant light of My true LOVE.

No, not the words about My love.

This is the greatest deception many are walking in.

They always talk about My love, but it has never penetrated into the depths of who they truly are.

This is the reason for the storms and challenges: to purify you like pure gold, so the precious beauty in your spirit would become so pure that it shines bright in My presence.

I want to make you a bright shining light, full of My true love, for the world around you.

Allow Me to be te Maker and you be the Masterpiece.

Allow Me to mold you and form you into My image.

I have become the Bright Morningstar by walking with the Father and obeying Him, even through the hard times.

I obeyed and He glorified Me above every name,

Learn from Me.

Allow Me to make you purer than the purest gold, so all heaven and earth wild see My goodness in you.

Not the words about My goodness, but MY CHARACTER of goodness in you.

This is so much more precious than the greatest riches in the world.

I love you My child.

I will purify you and make you shine like a diamond, straight from your heart,

Your Father and Friend,

Jesus Christ


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