The tears of Jesus

Someone is very close to you when you cry. Someone who cries when you mourn.

tears jesus

Someone is very close to you when you cry. Someone who cries when you mourn.

I see how limited my words are, when I tell you that at whatever time in your life, when you were afraid, when you cried, or when you were hiding your sorrow… ALWAYS someone was there who stood beside you, who wrapped his arm around you. ALWAYS! When you suffered, he suffered with you. When you experienced pain deep in your heart, when you were ashamed or insecure…

ALWAYS did he share your pain.

When you were sneered at or beaten, when you were laughed at or put down. When you were angry because you lacked the power to do something, when you wanted everything to be different from the cold truth. He was by your side.

Actually he is always with you, even when things aren’t going wrong. When you have fun, he is there too. It rejoices him to see you laugh.

He lives to see your smile, to see the sparkle in your eyes, to see you happy.

He know that so much in your life and around you blocks the way to this happiness. Sometimes, quite often actually, he sees your powerlessness and pain. He sees the tears you push away, the ones you wipe of your cheek. He knows, more than any other, more even than yourself, what happened.

tears jesus christ

O, he has so much sorrow! He cries and cries and cries, because he loves you so much, because he cares about you so much.

He stands by you and watches you. He places his hand on your shoulder again. But he cries, because he wants to do so much more, to help you! He longs for you to see him! He wants to do nothing less than to tell you how special you are to him, how great his love for you is.

Do you know what he did for you? He is the one of whom you have heard it said he gave his life, for you and your fears and your pain, for your sorrow and just so he could be very near to you.

He loves you so incredibly much!

But he cries and cries and cries. His heart is torn by grief. Why are you there with him, and he there with you, yet you do not see him, and you do not see him cry, and you cannot see his eyes, looking at you with so much love…?

It is this man, as simple as he is, who gave his life to save you, from all the pain and sorrow. From all the things that have happened, things you couldn’t do anything about, even though you wanted to stop them. You didn’t know how.

He was there. He was there. He was there.

Even now he stands here with you, looking at you reading these words. He is watching your face. His heart beats in expectation! He is so mighty, so faithful, he will never leave your side.

Yes, he is the God who made everything, who weaved you in your mother’s womb. He left the heavens in all his glorie only so he could be with you…

Do you know why he gave his life? To save you, from sin and pain, from sickness and death.

But above all… to be really close to you. So you do not have to be alone any longer.

That is why he cries so much. His sorrow seems without end. He wants so much for you to discover that all along he has been standing with you, waiting and hoping… He gives you clues and whispers softly sweet words in your ear, but with all the noise around you, you don’t even realize! He places his hand on you, but almost doesn’t dare to hope. You just do not see him standing there through all your tears of sorrow, or though the rush of your life.

Look up. Open your eyes, the eyes of your heart. You can see him if you want to.

And when you have found him, you will see that you were never alone, that he has always carried you, that he was there in your pain, your shame and your failure.

O, he cares so much about you! He is so almighty! Do you know, he is God! He listens very attentively to the things you want to tell him, to the questions you want to ask. He is so strong and o, so great!

He has accomplished it. He has completed it. He has finished it.

The pain you have experienced, he has carried it for you. The blows you took, he has caught them. He would have given everything for you. Even death he did not shun in order to bring you to him, in his arms. Home. Safe. Loved. Accepted. Just as you are.

Because ooh, he loves you so!

When you see him standing there, so close by your side, he touches you and heals your pain. He will heal your wounds. Also sickness and sorrow he takes away as if it was never there. He has seen it all. He has felt it all. He has experienced it all. The things you had to go through, the things you had to experience…

He went through them too, for you! Because he loves you so much.

He didn’t just endure the pain of his own life, no! Even when they were beating him down to the point that no one could recognize that he was human. That is how bad his condition was! They pounded nails into his hands and hung him on an instrument of torture. The most well-known symbol on earth, the cross… That is where he gasped for air until he gave up his spirit.

He died for you! For all your sins, the pain, the sickness, the traumas, life delivered you.

Nothing, no nothing was too much for him. Although he was only a man… filled with the Spirit of God, His Father, he could handle life. His life and that of the whole world including yours… even yours he took up… He carried it all on his shoulders to set you free from it!

Do you see him standing there, so close to you? Do you feel his hand on your shoulder? Do you feel His Spirit, with you, and do you feel His love and His strength? He was always there!

jesus tears home

Even now. He will not forsake you.

Always he continues to wait and cry and pray and beg for you, until you will see him! Then he will rejoice your soul with an embrace of his love, with a bear-hug so big, no human could give it to you. He knows you so well! He knows exactly what you need. And THAT he will give you more than adequately!

He calls his angels in line:

“Protect him, now he belongs to me! Or look at her, my daughter, isn’t she beautiful?! Look there, she does love me too! I am the bridegroom, she is the bride! For ever we will be together! She may share in my love for ever. Never will I let her go. And him too, my son, loot at him! I see a strong man. A warrior, a fighter for my love! He, filled with my strength, will shine as the morning-sun! Never will his glory perish now that my spirit lives inside him and he will live forever!”

You too, my child,

I am calling you:

Come to me with your pain!

Come to me, and call unto me!

I hear you, even when you whisper softly, cry out to me, my child!

With my loving power, I will transform your life!

Regardless of how bad things seem to be I till turn everything for good, and will use it to honor and glorify my name!

The world will hear it! Everyone will see!

The things I have done with you, when finally you could see me, next to you, filled with sorrow, filled with desire

To save you from your pain…

O, how wonderful is life with you in my arms!

Come quickly, my love, come quickly! Don’t wait another second!

Here and now I am with you and I want so much to tell you how much I love you!

With all my love,

JesusHe who is with you always

About the Author David Sorensen

David Sorensen had a dramatic encounter with God, which completely transformed his life. He decided to spend the rest of his life showing others show real God is and how much he loves us. David's desire is that people would learn how to experience God as the most beautiful reality there is.

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