Who is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump... really? Is he the mean monster the media says he is?

who is donald trump


Who is Donald Trump… really? And why on earth is this successful businessman running for president? Why is he stepping away from his comfortzone of luxury and peace, to become one of the most mocked and criticized men in the world? In this article I will share what I have discovered about Donald Trump. Hopefully it will help you to get an honest impression about this highly controversial man.

Who is Donald Trump, really?

Recently I migrated with my family to the United States of America. My kids will grow up in this nation, so I am deeply involved in what is happening in America and I pray it will move in the right direction. It is therefor with great care, thought and prayer that I write this post.

We all hear and see the war that is going on around Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. I have no idea what you think of either of them, and I know this is an extremely emotional subject for many of us. I want to ask you kindly to discern between blind emotions and true wisdom. Some people can react very aggressive, the moment anyone touches their political views. Please try to control yourself and see the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘opinion.’ After all, our opinions change over time, and mostly it’s not worth fighting for.

Truth however is unchangeable reality. My quest is never to defend my personal opinions, but to find the truth, no matter how hard this can be at times.

But one of the main keys to find truth, is to always be wiling to listen and honestly look at reality, no matter how different the outcome of my observation can be, from my current understanding.

In this article I want to share my personal story, how I first viewed Donald Trump, and how I see him now. I believe this can help some people, to get a more accurate understanding of him. I hope you will be able to read this, as a mature human being and not as a wild, uncontrolled animal who barks and bites at everyone who holds a different view. I do not intend to cause hate or strife, but I hope to bring some clarity and honesty about how most of us think about the most controversial man on the planet, Donald Trump.

What the media says about Donald Trump

My first impression from Donald Trump, was that he is a very evil and stupid man, who should be locked up in a mental institution. Why did I think this? Because I had done so much deep research to get to know him? No. Because I had been listening to his speeches and interviews? Not at all. I thought this, simply because that is what the mass media told me. It was what I saw on YouTube, in the thousands of clips that mock him and portray him in a way that either makes you want to laugh or vomit.

The media told me, and everyone else, that Donald Trump was the worst thing that could ever happen to America. And I believed them. After all, they were quoting his own words, right?

So I told other people, on social media, and in my personal life, that I was convinced Donald Trump was a very dangerous man. The media had told me, so it was true.

Prophetic words concerning Donald Trump

Then somebody sent me a prophetic word spoken by Kat Kerr, a prophetic voice in this time. She said the Lord had spoken to her about Trump and God said He would use trump as a TRUMPET, to confront the tremendous corruption that is present in the American government. God said things like:

‘I will use Trump to break down the corruption in America and bring restoration to this nation, because I want to use America to bring my salvation to the world. Note that I have not chosen Trump to be your pastor! I chose him to be your president. I will purify and mold him and put a vice president at his side that will balance him. And he will become a man of prayer.’

When I read this prophetic word, I could do two things: simply deny it and say this person is a false prophet. Or I could dive a little deeper and look for truth. I decided for the last option. So I began to look with more attention to Donald Trump. I tried to find out ‘Who is Donald Trump really? Might he be chosen by God to have a good influence on America? Or is he indeed a mean monster, that should be shut up?

Instead of only watching the extremely negative, mocking and slanderous propaganda against Trump, I began to watch ENTIRE speeches and interviews of Trump, to get a more correct impression of him.

I also watched videos where his own children speak about their father and I must say that I was amazed at what they said about him. They described Trump as a very honest, warm and tender man – quite the opposite of what the media was yelling about him! I also listed to Trumps wife, Meliana Trump, because if you want to know a man, you must ask his wife! Thirdly I watched documentaries where current and former employees of Trump shared their personal experience with him.

It struck me that what his children, wife and employees said about Trump, was all unanimously very positive, and the complete opposite of hat the media is constantly telling us.

What I heard several times, and what struck me the most, is that Trump has been known to give huge amounts of money to people who were in debt, to help them get back on track. And not once, but he appears to have done this several times. He loves to help people and make them successful. I also learned that Trump was one of the very first leading businessmen in America, to put a woman in charge of one of his largest companies in New York. ‘So Trump is not the harsh woman hater, the media says?’ I realized.

Besides listening to what his closest companions said, I began listening to ENTIRE speeches of Donald Trump. Up till now I had only heard some quotes from him, that had been taken out of context and put in a very negative light, by the media. But I had no idea what Trump REALLY said, before and after the ‘mean quotes.’

While listening to the full length speeches, I discovered that Trump is not at all against immigration! His own wife is an immigrant. He is against ILLEGAL immigration, where people refuse to take responsibility, and come into the USA with no means to support themselves, and many end up in crime, causing tremendous suffering to others. I also learned that Trump is not a racist at all, but he simply wants to stop Islamic terrorism.

Step by step I began to realize that this man appeared to be a completely different person, than I had been shown on TV and the internet!

Although I have known for many years how shockingly dishonest the media can be, it was still a shock to be confronted with their mind control again. They claim to bring truth, but they serve a hidden agenda, and try to manipulate and indoctrinate the people, instead of practice honest journalism.

The burning heart of Donald Trump

Donald Trump america

By listening to Donalds heart and hearing what his beloved ones testify about him, I began to understand what drives this successful businessman to run for president… I began to see his heart, his deep motivation. And this was a revelation to me…

Donald Trump is a man who is extremely successful in life and who knows what it is to fight for victory. He has had failures besides his amazing success, and he has overcome them. He knows what it is to fight in the real world and become victorious, despite struggles. Because he is so successful, he has no personal need to suddenly position himself in a place where the entire world will watch and criticize him. Why would he allow millions to throw mud at him? Why would he undergo this tsunami of attack on his person? He has no need to do this.

So why does he stand up, to run for president?

He is wealthy enough without needing to become a president. Did he do it, to become happier? Oh my God…. nobody knows the level of stress he has to endure, for doing this. He would be far more happy to stay in his luxurious buildings and mind his own business. Why on earth is a successful businessman like Trump suddenly standing up, to fight a war that brings him so much heartache and struggle, not to mention what it does to his wife and children?

Why does he do this?

Did you know people have asked Trump for OVER THIRTY YEARS if he would become president? He always refused. He believed others could do a better job. Why is he now finally standing up?

Because he is tired of seeing career politicians make decisions that eventually cause tremendous damage to his nation. He sees the extreme level of corruption and sees it is not changing for better, but it is getting worse. He knows how many crimes the Clinton Foundation has committed and can’t stand to see this corruption go to the next level. The only reason Trump is standing up to become president, is because he knows that the political figures that are now playing their game, are going to destroy America more and more, until it lays bleeding on the ground.

who is Donald Trump

I see a burning heart in Donald Trump to bring a change in America that will bring her back to a place of strength.

I may be wrong of course, and I say this with the information and revelation I have at this moment. The future will tell if I am right or wrong. But I see a heart in this man, that I have never seen before in anyone running for a national leading position. Most people have all sorts of personal ambitions and interests. In Trump I see a passion to see a positive change in his nation.

And he is confronting the mass media and established corrupt political monster. We have no idea what kind of war this man is fighting. We have no idea how many billions of dollars are being spent, by the most powerful entities in the world, to get Trump down. Thousands of videos and TV-shows have been produced, all over the world, to make Trump look like a wild beast, so people would disgust him, and never hear what he is truly saying. Why is Trump doing this?


He does not need to allow the entire world to mock him and make a fool of him. Why would he do that?

He loves America and believes he has the skills that most politicians have proven not to have. The skils to break through, fight for victory and turn the tide.

He has many mistakes, that is true. He has said things that were harsh. That is true. He has said things in the past that were downright filthy. That is correct. But he is a man. A human being like all of us. And we all know how many mistakes WE have… right? I believe he may be chosen by God. I am not saying he IS. I say that I have changed my mind, about this man, because what the mainstream media has forced me to believe, is far from who he truly is.

I have chosen to look at his heart. And I see a burning passion for America.

Donald Trump roars like a lion

I see a lion who roars, against the corruption and falsehood he has been seeing for so many years. I see a man who is on fire and will not shut down and bow his head for the corrupt system, that wants to make him the next slave of their games, driving mankind to a deeper and deeper level of perversion and corruption.

I know Trump has no power in himself to change America. But if God has indeed put His hand on this man, then I know God is able to use him for His purposes. There are several prophetic ministries in the world, that I believe are trustworthy, who say they heard God say that He will use Trump. I would like to ask you to check them out and then pray about it. AT the end of this article you find several video’s you can watch.

Don’t allow the media to control your mind concerning Trump

Please, please, please be aware of the incredible mind control that has been going on in our minds, by the media. We all think WE have an opinion, but most of us have no personal opinion. What we think was forced into our minds by the media. If we are able to recognize this, then we can become free and begin to think for ourselves.

I encourage you to check out Trump, for yourself. And have a look at some of the positive video’s about him. I list some video’s at the end of this article, for you. I hope it will help you get a more accurate picture of this man.

He is not perfect and he has a lot to learn – just like all of us.

Donald Trump opened his heart for Jesus Christ

One of the most respected christian leaders in America, is James Dobson, from Focus on the family. This ministry has been laboring for decades to see healthy, godly families in this nation and worldwide. I have been very blessed, as a young christian by their magazines, that I even received all the way in Belgium! James Dobson publicly declared that Donald rump recently opened his heart for Jesus Christ and decided to serve Christ.

I believe God is doing a work in this man.

When we see the heroes in the Bible, then it’s obvious they all had serious flaws. Peter betrayed and denied his best friend and savior, Jesus Christ. Abraham lied about his wife. Lot wanted to give his daughters in the hands of rapists. Gideon was afraid of the enemy. David was an adulterer and murderer. Jacob was a liar. And so on…

We all know God always uses people with weaknesses and flaws.


And that is what counts. So many who appear good on the outside, can have a heart of selfishness and corruption on the inside.


And I believe the heart of Trump is passionate and burning for America. That is the only reason he is now running for president. That is why he has placed himself in a position where the entire world can throw mud at him and his family. He loves this nation and wants to help change it for the better. And if the prophetic words are true, then it is God who inspires Trump, because God has a plan with America, to use it to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God to the world.

Please try to see Trump’s heart.

And become a faithful prayer warrior who stands in the gap for this man. Pray for him, in your inner room, and cover him with blessings and the grace of God. There are witches who publicly declared they will cast spells on Trump, to bring confusion to his mind. Ask yourself, why would the powers of darkness want to attack Trump? Only when they know that the kingdom of light is using him… Darkness will not fight darkness.

Pray for Donald Trump

pray for Donald Trump

May the love of God fill our hearts more than ever and may the truth about Trump and Clinton and the entire US government be revealed. May every evil plan be unmasked, may every satanic plot be destroyed, may every strategy of darkness be shattered and I declare that the WILL OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SHALL BE DONE.

Will you pray with me, out loud, while you read this, please? This is the apostolic prayer Jesus Christ taught us to pray… Not our will be done, not our kingdom come, but…

Our Father in heaven,

Your name is HOLY!

Your kingdom COME!

Your will BE DONE!

On earth as it is in heaven.

In America as in haven.

In our own nation as in heaven!

In our lives as in heaven.


Forgive us our sins, as we forgive others.

Give us our daily bread.

Keep temptations away from us.

Deliver us from the evil one!

Deliver mankind from the evil one.

Deliver Trump from the evil one.

Deliver America from the evil one.

Because YOURS is the power.

Yours is the kingdom

Yours is the glory.

Forever and ever.


In the mighty and glorious name of the One who reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords, JESUS CHRIST.

Much love,
David Sorensen

Please watch these video’s about Donald Trump


This video is more promotional, but it shows the heart of Donald Trump and his vision for America.

Prophetic insights about Donald Trump, by Lance Wallnau

Prophetic declarations by Katt Ker

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